Near-Death Experiences


Accounts of near death. Experiences can be polarizing indie. Most often happened while people are unconscious so researchers are incredibly limited in what they can actually measure. They must rely on human testimony to fill in. What's actually happening in other words. Andy ease exist near the intersection of two seemingly contradictory ideas science and faith which is why after a neurosurgeon reported in n. d. e. it became central to the conversation in nineteen eighty eight. Dr eban alexander began his career in boston at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country. Brigham and women's well working as a neurosurgeon. Dr alexander simultaneously target his father's alma mater. Harvard medical school in both institutions. He had access to some of the most cutting edge medical technology in the world. Soon dr alexander became an expert in a non invasive. Surgical treatment called stereo tactic. Radio surgery a procedure that uses targeted radiation to address medical abnormalities. In the brain it can even eliminate tumors without needing to open the skull in his own practice. Doctor under-used stereo tactic. Radio surgery to treat cancer. Epilepsy mentoring nerves and tangled blood vessels and for nearly a decade in the field of medicine. His star was on the rise until two thousand one when an elderly woman from arizona. Whom will call. Rose contacted him to remove a benign tumor in her brain. Dr alexander was one of the few surgeons in the country capable of performing the procedure. So rose flew from arizona all the way to boston but she didn't receive the treatment that she expected when rose arrived at the hospital orderlies placed her in a wheelchair and brought her into the operation. Room apparently no one spoke to her or explain what was happening. After doctors strapped into a device rendering it immobile rose demanded to meet. Dr eben alexander. She was about to go under and he had yet to introduce himself mere minutes before the operation began. Dr alexander stepped in front of her said. Hello and assured her that she was in good hands then she drifted into unconsciousness and the surgery began when rose woke up in the icu. She couldn't move the left side of her face. Dr alexander never warned her about the risks associated with her surgery and though he'd successfully eliminated her tumor half of her face was now permanently paralyzed. Ultimately rose filed a lawsuit. Her lawyers asked to see the paperwork she'd signed before entering surgery. But apparently dr alexander could only produce a single sheet of paper. It didn't even have rose's signature on it. Apparently dr alexander had misplaced a number of her forms. The case was eventually settled out of court shortly after. Brigham and women's fire dr alexander from their roster administrators have not stated whether or not the dismissal was related to the lawsuit. Either way dr alexander moved on to work for umass memorial medical center located in worcester massachusetts. Where apparently his careless behavior continued during one operation. Dr alexander reportedly left a small piece of plastic inside a woman's nick. In addition to the pain this caused her she needed another intensive surgery to have it removed then in august two thousand three umass suspended dr sanders for an error made during an operation. On another patient's brain stem the specific details surrounding. These punitive measures remain confidential by early two thousand seven. Dr alexander relocated to lynchburg virginia and began work as a staff surgeon at lynchburg general hospital but his lack of professionalism and care continued

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