Johnson and Johnson says single-shot COVID-19 vaccine is 85 percent effective


What's going on. When it comes to Cove in 19, and more specifically, Pursuit for more vaccines because we've got some big news from J and J Today. In fact, it's our top story on the Bloomberg In the past hour, Johnson and Johnson's one shot vaccine generating strong protection Against covered 19. They did him a large late stage trials, raising hopes that it can rapidly reshape US stumbling immunization campaign. We know the role. It has been really tough, but you've been pointing to the numbers preventing 66% Moderate to severe cases of covert 19, according to the company. Particularly effective stopping severe disease is preventing 85% of severe infections and 100% of hospitalizations and deaths. That's the number you've been focusing on. And it's a big one. All right, let's bring in our guest post op pulls his vice chairman of the executive committee, a change a also chief scientific officer at J and J and he joins us on the phone or actions should say Zoom. From New Brunswick, New Jersey. We also do want to welcome our Bloomberg TV audience. Who is joining who are joining us at this time? Um, Paul, it is so nice to have you here with us. First of all, Thank you so much and welcome. Talk to us about the findings. There's some difference statistics in terms of the efficacy. What is it that we need to zero and in on and what's really the most significant your view? So we did a very large study of 45,000 people in the US South America in Latin America in a totally different environment, where now huge transmission but also many variants or presence, and what we saw is that in the high in the severe disease We got a very high protection 85% against severe disease as well as 100% for death and hospitalization, and that across the entire study, including the South African study, and why is that important? That's 6000 people in South Africa, and we found that 90% of this train spread inside African strains, and we got even a better we got from 89% perfection in South Africa against the severe disease that 100% against hospitalization and other begins percent against that, so that shows that the vaccine is applications in in severe disease. Smell us against significant new strains. Given the results of this study, do you expect new and even more powerful variants to emerge in the future? Yeah, we have to stay very vigilant. There's so much fire a virus replication in the world. And now new vaccines being used and the virus is following the Darwin principles. The fittest survive, and they will take over as in in that race, And so you will see probably more variants. But strong immunity, antibody immunity and so immunity probably can overcome that. But we have to stay very vigilant and we have been able to do that with a single does, and I think that is going to be very effective in faster allowed as we are making a billion dollars in the course of the year. Well, let's talk about that. Because when you talked with our David Westin last fall, Paul, that's exactly what you talked about A billion doses you anticipated for 2021. So that's a real number. You expect it And can you give us an idea? That billion dose roll out. What does it look like over the next few months? So at the moment we are, we are setting up many of manufacturing plants in late stage. We are getting approval from different regulators in the world on that, so it's in full upscaling. And as we will deliver a billion over the year, it will be region by region, country by country. We work with the government to discuss on how much will be available when it will come in equivocator, but we are confident that we will be able to make Provide a billion in the course of the year. But what does that mean that? I mean, obviously, you've got get the emergency approval. So give me an idea of what the timeline is. I think we're all kind of Fixated on getting the vaccine so that our life can get back to normal. So what does the emergency approval process look like? And then when you actually anticipate getting vaccines into arms, and then at what rate Them so we will submit a filing next week. So we know that the data now for three days, we We worked on it that we finalized. That's what we published today. Next week will submit And then the FDA and Emma will have to do their work. The European fella to use a U. S agency will start their work and most likely towards the end of February will have an advisory panel bending of course decision off the FDA and then we'll see getting approval. Emergency use approve. Full and then in March will be able to start living vaccine. So you think a realistic timeline for us to actually receive Johnson and Johnson single dose vaccine would be March? It will start in the month of March, but they're also with US government. We have made an agreement over this off for several for 400 million vaccines to start with, I will keep up to that agreement to be able to deliver that. I'm wondering how you see this shot being used in the context of this is you call Pandemic Recovery tool kit, you know, especially fitting in with the Amarna vaccines that we see from during a and Fizer As well. The rollout of those has has been really tough here in the United States. There's been a lot of speed bumps, but you don't have to keep this one at a temperature for very, very cold temperature for a significant period of time. I mean, they're a lot of differences here. How do you see the rollout working in the context of these other vaccines? Well, it's it your point of the right thing. It's a single dose. So it one shot. You get this protection starting day 14 and and if you know, mature, said 28 even lot longer, so that goes fast. And then it It has to do it Celsius, which is normal refrigeration temperature for stability for three months so we can distribute in the country at normal refrigeration, which allows to get fractionated almost in every health care center pharmacy in a very simple way s O and that that will help and the single shot combined with that. And a high efficacy poor for severe disease. That hospitalization can have a very important effect. In addition, very short, very clean safety profile we have. We have not observed serious adverse events. No, an electric shock so further to be evaluated by the regulators. But that will also be an attractive feature with the very favorable safety profile. So that means that people who perhaps have not been in who had been advised against getting Marnie vaccine, This could be an option for them. Be an option, but it will be determined by the authorities who will get access first as this is emergency use application. It's ah, it will be distributed by the government. Hey,

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