A highlight from Kinda Cute -Ep. 74 Teen Love Triangle, JoJo Siwa is Out, and Anna Shay is a Treasure

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It's kind of cute right. Hello and welcome back to panic and if you're new here welcome. My name's billy evan. I'm your host and on kind of cute. We discussed articles from the and my general pop culture. Musings y'all before we get into today's show. I have a correction from last week. I said that. Laurie harvey was steve. Harvey's daughter and she is because he adopted her. But i was so confused how he she was a product of him because she's not. It's his stepfather her stepfather. So thank you to my friend. Kristen for clearing that up for me. I clearly did like a little bit of research and not enough to like it would have taken one extra. Click for me to learn that. And i didn't do it. I also wanted to tell you guys about the funniest special. I got this week. So i had made a appointment as one does and right before my buttocks appointment. I get this email from the place i go to. It's called beverly hills wellness center in west palm. Shout loved them and it was gwyneth. Paltrow advertising this botox alternative basically just another. You know how. Sport is a form of botox. So this one's called ziamon. It's am i n and she is the face of it and they were running a really great deal on it so it was like hell. Yeah give me the gwyneth. Paltrow boat talks. And i mean so far so good and i got it for like seven dollars a unit instead of ten. So a steel. If you ask me but it really got me thinking. And i was like i wonder how much win made off of this deal because you have j. lo over here being like. I'm just not one of those. People like botox is like i'm not one of those people which is fine whether or not it's true maybe it's true and if it is we'll give her the benefit of the doubt that's fine. It's not for everyone. But i love that little. Miss goop herself is out here. Being like yes. I do inject myself with a neuro toxin. And yes i will be the face of it and get multi millions. Because i'm sure she is making bank off this deal and it's it's kind of funny because what zeo man. I'm sorry i have no idea how to pronounce it. What it targets advertises itself as being a pure form of botulism so it doesn't have the added proteins that something like actual brand name bo. Talks does and so the whole thing is gwen is like i love it because it's pure like if you look at the site dot com. It says you had me at uniquely purified and then it has gwyneth paltrow's signature and it's a picture of her looking glow ian gorgeous as usual again. I i just want to share that with you guys and I have kinsey onto my little opening segment. Today it's because there's a few topics that she really wanted to talk about. And i was like let's get her on. Let's get her on the mike. First off kenzi. I wanted to talk about the fact that we were using monkey labor. Coconut milk for dinner today. Oh my god please don't feel so bad. Have you guys heard about this. So big stores like target and walk mall walmart places like that had been taking this certain brands of coconut milk off the shelves because pedo went after them. They were based in thailand for using monkey labor to pick their coconuts. I don't. I don't know what to say okay. This is terrible. Because i don't want the exploitation of animals. Obviously we are vegetarian. Will vegetarians at home pescatore. When we're out I am a little impressed. All that they have taught monkeys sukhoi. Coconut trees coconuts. I will say the monkeys are very sent. And i know that they are native cousins in the evolutionary tree. I don't support this.

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