MURDERED: Harvey and Jeannette Crewe

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High crime junkies. I'm ashley flowers. And i am bread. And today's story comes to us from literally halfway across the world from all the way in new zealand. And i know. I said it back when we covered a case from iceland but it just completely blows my every time we get requests from people who live all over the world realizing that our voices make it so far from where we live. Here in indiana ibiza mazing. Yeah it's by far one of the coolest things ever end at least for me. It never ceases to amaze me. I know and one of my favorite things that you guys do that. I love is when you take a picture of where you're listening from and taegu's it is especially during this never ending pandemic. It feels like traveling feels like traveling without being actually able to go anywhere. Yeah so show us where. You're listening this week. And i will tell about a crime that not only shakes a rural new zealand community but eventually winds up changing the whole country's faith in their own law enforcement system this is the story of harvey engine crew In one thousand nine hundred seventy the town. Pook our on new zealand's north island. This is about an hour. South of offline is a small easygoing farming community. The population here is pretty small. Things like the kind of town where everybody knows everybody else. Everybody's kind of up in each other's business so alike the talent weaker up much. Yes so okay. On the morning of monday june. Twenty second nineteen seventy during the winter. Because again we're here in indiana but seasons are flipped in the southern hemisphere right. A man in kusukawa named leonard. Demler gets a phone call. Now it's important to note that leonard lives alone because he's recently become a widower after his wife may passed away from brain tumor before but he has a little family around his daughter. Jeanette crew lives on a sheep and cattle farm nearby with her husband harvey and their eighteen month. Old daughter rachelle. So the person who's calling. Leonard is calling him about harvey engine net because he can't get a hold of them. His name is joseph more and he asks. Hey like our harvey engine at on vacation or something. Because they're not answering their phone. And i have to talk to them about some business. Leonard tells him no. Like as far as i know they should be home. He doesn't think anything of this call until later that same day when his phone rings again this time a man named ronald rights calling and he wants to do him a favor. You see. ron can't get a hold of harvey origin. Either and since the livestock transport company that he works for has a truck on their way over to pick up harvey sheep. He wants to go over to the farm and make sure harvey's got everything squared away like. He's ready for them to come. Yeah which makes sense so at one pm that afternoon. Leonard does just that. According to analysts piece in the new zealand herald. Leonard gets to harvey and jeannette house and goes through the back door. He walks through the hall and into a strange scene. That feels almost frozen in time.

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