Prince Harry and Prince Charles take on fake news crisis

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Hello and welcome back to the airport back after we all the shelves of with all the latest news for us through. How you doing. maggie refreshed. I've so refreshed i was. We were catching up about what we've been up to for the past couple of weeks and i shared with my really exciting news that now i am the proud mother to a loaf of sourdough bread and it is probably the biggest accomplishment. I've made. I've never been baked one before. I believe it takes a while to get the dough to you have to do something to have to do. Oh my god. How much time do we have so let me just. I'm sure everyone's interested so here was my big day. I know also that. I'm like seven months behind. It took me three lockdowns to finally get up the courage to get on the bandwagon. And i had some starter from a friend but you actually have to you have to feed the starter after like like. It really is like a living thing. That's part of you. And i was feeding it like twice a day a week to get it back alive again. Knows keeping it under our radiator for warmth so four hundred being like. What are you growing like in our bedroom right now. What does this jar like. You're checking every morning. But after an lovingly intending to it for more than a week i'm happy to announce that birth a wonderful loaf of sourdough bread wholemeal. That still had a little bubbles. It still rose anyway. That's actually the picture of the quite. The sites at the whole thing is always interesting to hear what people are getting to lockdown. Especially at this point where. I think we really Dragging out in fact we had a peek into the duchess of cambridge is lockdown this week when she spoke about the challenges of parenting and schooling. We'll touch on that in a second. We'll be looking at how the royal family marked holocaust day. That took place this week. From both kate and prince charles about a number of issues important to them and of course to the day. We're also be catching up with. Prince harry who not only called for social media reform in the past week. He'll sit to cry at the siege on the capital. An interesting move for the g of sussex but this was all part of an essay for fast company magazine and insightful. So be diving into that and before we close out the show comedy a week of the airport without talking about the latest scandal this week. The voile family documentary that was banned but briefly resurfaced online online quickly enough. It you gotta watch. It's gone but it was there briefly and debasing. Yeah i can't wait still though because especially after watching the episode of the crown long ago. Yeah told the story behind this. Bbc documentary that the royal family filmed in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine. Yeah some really interesting stuff but before we get back to that. We had from the duchess of cambridge week on a number of engagements all taking place from her new office at sandringham. Of course we know the cambridge family. Hold up at on mahal at the moment and i think like most parents. It's quite nice to get out of the house. We heard from buckingham palace's this week that kate was allowed by the queen to use sandringham house as an office for video calls during the second knockdown imagine that probably keeps her away from the children that might make some noise in the background of course with schools off here they all with george and charlotte's at the moment is leaving. The hands are definitely full but during a call with a school here in england king spoke about the challenges of parenting and homeschooling during the

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