Trump-appointed federal judge in Texas blocks Biden’s deportation ‘pause’


Federal judge in Texas has blocked President Biden's 100 Day moratorium on deportations of unauthorized immigrants. Biden had campaigned on reversing President Trump's tough immigration policies, but the Trump administration and built in obstacles to hamstring his successor, MPR's John Burnett, has more. The Texas lawsuit is the Biden administration's first legal headache in the arena of immigration, and it won't be the last. I think this is clearly the attempt to handcuff the Biden administration, at least in the beginning office stuff moves are for shifty is a senior fellow with the nonpartisan Migration Policy Institute. And I think the Trump Administration. It's raining days tried to do everything it could to prevent the Visor administration from ushering in its new immigration policy. The outgoing Trump administration quietly signed highly unusual agreements with at least four states Texas chief among them The agreement, saying, in essence that if Biden officials want to make changes to some of Trump's immigration rules, they have to consult with the state's first immigration advocates were quick to brand the lawsuit baseless and said it won't withstand appeal. But the argument carried the day with Corpus Christi Federal Judge Drew Tipton, a Trump appointee. He wrote that the release of Deported ble immigrants in Texas quote Establishes a substantial risk of imminent and irreparable harm. He slapped a temporary restraining order on the Biden administration and said Texas has 14 days to come back and make its case for a preliminary injunction. No comment from U. S Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The A CL you grassed in a statement, Texas is trying to force the Biden administration to follow Trump's Xena phobic policies. Meanwhile, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton exulted in what he described as the first victorious lawsuit against the Biden White House. Texans have been here before. It was Ken Paxton and his predecessor, Greg Abbott, now governor who filed at least 40 lawsuits against the last Democratic administration. The Texas A G's office bit Million suing Obama. Paxton has been a fervent trump ally. In early December. He sued for other states for election fraud without evidence in the U. S. Supreme Court refused to consider it. He also attended Trump's fateful January 6th rally at the White House Ellipse exhorting the crowd. Texans, air fighters and President Trump is a fighter. R G. Ratcliffe is a political writer, a Texas monthly. He's been doing it for so long now that at one point in time his wife used to sing this song, where she described herself as a pistol packin Mama who's hoping suit Obama. Hey, has started all over again, and it does a very good political job of covering up his own shortcomings. Baxter's legal problems including FBI criminal investigation into whether he abused his office, the benefit of high rolling donor, his top deputies resigned in protest and he's under indictment for charges of state securities fraud. Accident has denied any wrongdoing, refused calls to resign and he promises to keep suing the Biden administration. John Burnett. NPR NEWS Austin

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