Incredibly news time. One of three Here's your traffic update looking pretty good right now.


Three Here's your traffic update looking pretty good right now. On our major roadways through Philadelphia. We've got that long term construction, which is running from university at the South Street on the westbound Scougall Expressway, heading east on 76. Watch out for construction and you make your way down from the Vine Street Expressway. 6 76 University rightly road work here. Not really saying much of an issue on 95 but north on 95 just after 4 52. There's left lane construction and then South bound on 95 nearing the Commodore Barry Bridge. Two left lanes are taken away for roadwork. Delaware River bridges are trouble free and that we're also looking pretty good As you make your way through South jersey to 95 north, about approaching exit 15 to right lanes are closed off. And on the New Jersey Turnpike North bound just after actually three. There's left lane construction but again quiet in South Jersey. Quiet in Philadelphia Had our Delaware River Bridges are also trouble free and Pete if it's pastor from improving 24 hour traffic center for your homes, Windows out of grouping

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