Andy Levitre thinks his former OL coach Arthur Smith will fare well in Atlanta


Andy Levy Tray, of course, former offensive lineman for the Atlanta Falcons. Also to remember he played With the A Tennessee Titans, Um, talking about his former I got that. He you know that he was there when he was in Tennessee, Uh, Angela Vetri talking about him. The new Falcons had coach who at that time was a Yes, He was an old line tight and assistant coach at that at that time, quote Arthur Smith has always been a hard worker for as long as I have known him. We're both big coffee buffs. So we used to share different types of coffee and have some good early morning chats at the Titans facility. My experience with Arthur is that he is a grinder. Always in the office, looking to give the team the best advantage on Sunday. On the field. He's always looking out his players that be in the best position to be successful. I'm excited to watch what he could do in Atlanta. They got a good coach who's determined to win. He says. I think Arthur would do a good job. He is a very down to earth person would do a great job connected with players. I have had the opportunity to watch from afar on the job he has done working his way up. Ranks and being successful. All positions he has been put into has a wealth of knowledge, and I know you'll be surrounding himself with a with a great staff. So that's obviously a good now look, I mean, I guess. You know, you wonder

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