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The sun is setting in the west in the sky Purple hue above We've got green Day in Tampa Bay down to the wire. 1 56 to go, Curtis the two minute warning Buccaneers have the ball and the lead 31 26 a second one coming up. Three time outs apiece. Bucks If they're 26 2nd one take me inside both these camps. First. I'm gonna take you back to that kick off because I thought it was a mistake by Mick Ins to go down instead of running into the two minute warning. But if you look back at that last play, that was a free play for the bucks to be able to throw it and pick up nine yards there. If they don't have that, they probably have to run. Now They've set themselves up for a second and one and possibly a first down to maybe make it Beneficial when it's all said and done great play, called there by the Bucks to be able to use that that passed there because it wasn't gonna hurt him with the two minute warning and set up a second insured, and now I think there's only one thing to do. You've got to run the football now and try to get a first down and get the Packers to use their time out. They've got this one gender in their lives for Ned Grady is under center and Justus. They were lining up. Somebody from Green Bay crossed the line and flags around the field. Jeffrey Clean, Pickman officiated Super Bowl 50. This is his third conference championship game. 14 years of Total experience. Defense number 98. Well, now your penalty. The order's results in the first down Well, the thing there is it almost was like Green Bay jumped off south because with this what they didn't want to do is stop him on second down and then have him get the first down on third down, having to use their timeouts. It was almost like a r gamesmanship. Let's just jump over. Give him five yards. Now. We got first down. Now we can stop. If you stop them on three straight plays, we can use our time outs. We'll have more time for Aaron Rodgers. If we get the football that fucking years have brought in a six offensive lineman Brady In the center. First down and 10 from his own Tampa Bay 31 snap stand handoff form It shocks his feet runs over the gold on the hash to the 33. Time out, Green Bay Time out Green Bay gain of two o'clock in 1 51. So only five seconds goes off. Brady will walk with his hands in his pockets to the far side of the field, leading 31 26. He's thrown three touchdowns. He's thrown three interceptions. Rogers three touchdowns in one pick, Little Beast. Second down and eight for Tampa Bay Prison Day. Two time outside, Kurt, This is awesome. This'd exactly what you wanted. There was moments in this game, obviously where we thought It was going to go heavy in one direction or another. But man, it's coming down to the end. It's coming down to the chess match the exes and Oh's off this game trying to manage the clock trying to finish the same trying not to give it back to Aaron Rodgers put in the hands of Tom Brady. What do you do in this situation for all the marbles? Lovett, one of classic 33 of Tampa Bay, second down eight under center, bringing out the snap Gotta block to fornicate with the handoff Gronkowski through the block the game to the 37. For the tight end over the left tackle over the Tampa Bay 37. Another time out. Green Bay clock is at 1 46 5 seconds off the clock there gain of four by four net to the 37 of the Bucks. And now Kurt as big a play as we could possibly want third and four for Tampa Bay. Green Bay. One time out the night before Super Bowl, 55 celebrate the best of the NFL season with host Steve Harvey. Find out who will take home the game. Most prestigious awards. The 10th annual NFL honors Saturday, February 68 eastern on CBS, and Here we go Here we go on the gun. Wow, 3rd and 41 Time out Green Bay. Brady in the gun. His own 37 arms outstretched looks over the rush. The rush for shotguns. Happy sets is it is it throws a gentle past receiver falls, It's incomplete flag thrown of the £55 at the 50. They were going for the receiver Tyler Johnson on a channel arching spiral throw by Tom Brady. There was a collision. The receiver fell. It's going to be against the Packers. Pass interference. Defense number 20 volley place to this spot A foul for sound. Tampa Bay. Wow! Takes your breath away. My goodness. What a call! What a play. The Buccaneers having it the Green Bay 48 15 yard penalty. 1 41 to go on. The Packers trailed 31 26 as much as you hate to call In that moment, it was the right call as he started to separate Brady, first in 10 handoff for net breaks a tackle over the right tackle runs to the 45. Time out. Green's a his Johnson tried to separate their from Alexander. He got a fistful of jersey and you saw it whole completely back. It's what the official on the backend saw The throw The penalty hate to see it in the moment, but it was definitely the right call. So Green Bay is out of timeouts. They trailed 31 to 26 1 32 to go. Brady will walk over and talk with the referee Clean plate Mons. It'll be second down in seven and that penalty while the correct call was a tough one to watch, because there was the collision, the contact Group Lab on the flag and pretty almost paid him didn't I mean he was so easy with the throne? He was relaxed in the pocket. He almost could see the hold is he was throwing the ball in that direction. Just he had so much space over there, and there wasn't a lot of separation of the top. So he just thought to himself just gotta lay it up into space and hope my guy can get there. But as we've seen so many times, you know, there's so many flag calls, too. I know you just got to lay the ball out. Here in worst case scenario, you hope for a penalty, But as I said, it was a good call. He grabbed that shirt that looked like it was under the jersey of Johnson. And you could see it pull a good foot and a half. I mean, the official from the back had to see the white and go. How can I not call this? He had his jersey. I don't know how much it really effected the receiver. But there was no question there was a hole that there was a grab of the jersey and it's just it would be hard not to call, though. I know Clete Blakeman is now gone under the hood. And they have not announced what they're looking at now under two minutes, you can't challenge it's a booth review, but you know, we go back to the Superdome a couple years ago and The Saints and the Rams and the collision on the sideline and a long throw in New Orleans clearly had a gripe because it was a penalty against the Rams. This I think was a pretty clear penalty. Wouldn't you say? I would? I mean, you know, you look at a couple things you say was the ball catchable. At that point, you say OK, he drowned him, but it didn't really affect the receiver. I'm not really sure. As I said, I mean, any time you're gonna see Jersey being pulled and where the official was, he was between the hashes on the back end. That was right where this happened as a receiver was pulling away. There's no doubt he saw the pole and You can. I mean, I don't even know you know that official. That's just like close your eyes throw the flag because you see that much of a jersey pole flag has to come out in that situation, so I think it was a pretty easy call. As you said, Kevin. It's just kind of a bummer. You never want to see that be the defining play. Especially if he wasn't gonna catch the football. The ball was overthrown. But without a doubt it was the right call Tom Brady and his 32nd career playoff game. He's 16 Super Bowls. He's been to 10 Super Bowls as a quarterback. He makes the switch. We've only had one Quarterback in pro football history that has started a conference championship game in both conferences that was Craig Morton for Dallas. And for Denver. Tom Brady is doing that first year with the Buccaneers. They began foreign, too. But then they lost three of four curd and the Buccaneers kind of recaptured their season. What did they do to turn around this season? As they're continuing to look at the replay? I think both sides just kind of came together, and I still don't necessarily You like that Bucks offense and Tom Brady. You're hitting on all cylinders.

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