686: Goo Not Go (Stargate SG-1 'Tin Man' to 'Within the Serpent's Grasp')



And time to the ones we think are important and interesting and skimming past some of the other episodes i'm tricia matt's i'm andrew patches and i'm david schaub and today we're going to start off talking very very briefly about ten man to nine was a great episode with tam albarn befriending data right different show. That would be a different episode. The title does pretty much. Give away the plot. St one goes to a planet with has some high tech. They don't recognize they all get knocked out a weird laughing. Man greets them come trial and says they're all wonderful specimens but you're also much better stronger and smarter now. They dial home. Despite his protests we find out. That general hammond has some granddaughters. And that's because jack is trying to prove. He is not an impostor despite actually being an android eventually the team collapses gets sent back to the planet and it turns out that they are duplicates. Not transferred consciousnesses. Their weirded out by their doubles. Sam in sam to enjoy speaking out together. Real jack has concerned about security and robot. Jack promises bury the and the human team. -til go home the end. I got so sick of contrived. God this is what fate america but for robots. It's just. I don't need any more about it. It was annoying. You know they had the chance to do this. The thing where like you. Jack meets jack. Garches meet themselves and they just didn't give them anything interesting for them to do with each other. So yeah and their idea of high tech planet is like warehouses full of industrial parts. So yeah maybe. I'll just go watch the star trek episode again. I really liked that one. So much for ten man moving onto of really interesting episode there but for the grace of god david take it away. Jiwan troubles to p.

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