President Trump, Boone County And Senate discussed on Ken Broo


That but there was Yes, he said that? Yes, that was a pronouncement. So it appears the Senate trial of President Trump will be a contentious one. It begins on February the eighth. All right, let's get to that. Traffic and weather together. We're getting a lot of calls, especially out of northern Kentucky. If you are there. Please do slow down. We've got toe lots of problems. Air crash on the ramp North bound 71 to 75 in Boone County. They just called for more help. Now injuries are reported on that North bound ramp. Two semis are there, North bound 71 75 in Boone County? The left lane is blocked. The right is open. Ah crash just reported at the 176 Mile marker. In Boone County on North Bound 75. We're getting calls about to 75 seen cars in the median along the roadway westbound. The right lane is blocked there. The airport with a crash. We have a fuel spill in the 3900 block of Burlington Pike and Guest Street and Queens Gate in Cincinnati is blocked with a train derailment. They lost some fuel there knocked out some power lines early this morning guest street clothes between Dalton and Evans. How about ladies forecast

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