Targeting New Builds to Get Around the W-2 Requirements for House Hacking with Andres Bustamante


Andreas brother. Welcome to the real estate ricky. Showman excited to have you on. Thank you so much for giving the opportunity. I appreciate it. I'm going to dive into your store in a bit here but before we do share with us a little bit about you got you in a real estate. And what brought you here today to chat with this. Of course so right now. Twenty four years old on from el paso texas. And i started in austin when i was nineteen. I got into the university of texas at austin. And tell you the truth. I was an undeclared business major. But i thought i wanted to do supply chain. I had heard one of my friends talking about supply chain. And i was like dude. This school saw apply for that got supply. Gene was really what i wanted to do at the senior freshman year. I got my real estate license. Just out of luck. I initially wanted to be a lifeguard. And i did not my certificate so i said you know what. Let's just do real estate because a friend told me they thought i'd be good at it so freshman year sophomore year. I did a lot of leasing. And i met a lot of people junior and senior year. That's really picked up. And with leasing i was able to become financially independent from my parents was able to pay my housing expenses and my college tuition which was amazing so fast forward i graduated with a degree in international business and real estate and the summer of two thousand nineteen was really like a. What am i going to be doing. Am i going to be doing fulltime real estate. In which is commission based or am i going to do commercial real estate. Which was what i initially wanted to do. Which is an eight to five job. So i read a lot. I listened to your pocket. That's very much started. Summer of two thousand nineteen and i decided to trust my gut and do three months four months of fulltime real estate. So i go back to austin in november. I need the of course. Hope through bigger pockets. He had an episode at the end of that. Diego mentioned season austin. And i was like wow i should just reach out so i give him a cold call. We meet up. And eventually i get on his team in january of twenty twenty and fast forward to now first year of real estate sales. I've done fifteen closings. I have fifteen hundred contracts that are going to close year and one house hacked. I currently live in another house under contract that closes in two months and an airbnb. That's going to close in four months. That is an amazing story. And the i love the most is that you started out as a leasing agent because i always push for people to get into real estate somehow to learn how to do it. They're nervous or they don't even know what exactly real state can do for you as an investor. So what would be your advice to someone about getting into a position like that. Leasing agent property management. How did you get that job with having no other real estate experience. Of course i mean with this my friend thankfully he just told me on the rest. I think you'd be good at it. You're people's person and you get along with people easily so like you know what i'll just do it. I applied for the job and at first it was like you know what i'll just least once in a while but when i started doing it a law junior year when i noticed that real estate really gave me the time to do real say whenever i wanted so if i had finals like you know what i'm not gonna do real estate this week. I'm going to focus on finals and i didn't. I could do real estate and also the fact. They didn't have my own boss. So i decided by wanted to kill it in real estate. I'd go all out. And if i didn't i mean i could see the results so with this that really let a fire in the and it was crazy just setting the systems through my freshman sophomore year to get clients referrals. The property managers. I just let them know. Hey i'm gonna send you to clients over the property. Managers are like all right. That's fine and if they signed it'd be like five hundred dollars per bed. Or a percentage of the monthly rent. So that was amazing. I really really enjoyed that. So how that was set up was you were a realtor working for a brokerage and you reached out to the property managers in lease them. You weren't hired by the property. Managers per se correct. So as onus agent you get to take clients for example. I have some clients. They give me their needs. Ask a lot of questions and then from there. I'm like okay. Three apartment complexes apartments really they offer incentives for realtors the commission because of the fact that they need people. So i'm the one bringing the people and they give me a commission. Because i was the one that brought them so i mean all of my friends. Group were my clients. Everyone needed a place to live so with this. There was like the perfect job in college. Had my own time. And i didn't have a boss and i mean junior and senior year through the money i made i was able to pay for college and housing and then through a reversal that i got through leasing. I got to do a one point. One million dollars sale i ever sale and i swear i did not know anything about sales that i just dove into it with a partner because when i got that sales referral. My friend has like yeah. He wants to lease on the phone. Like what's up dude. What's your criteria. Like yeah my budget's a million to three million solves like i had no idea what the do sales like. Okay i'll give back to you. I partnered with one of my friends and long story. Short i learned. Hoa was which. I didn't know what it was before. I learned a lot of other things that experience and yacky closed on one point one million dollar condo

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