A highlight from Introducing: The Laverne Cox Show



Disclosure. I wanted to create a public space for the conversations. I'm having in private. And i thought podcast with the perfect way to do that. And my guest. I a we go there wherever. That place is incredible guest tonight. Go all the way there. So not just south. She is not going to throw any softball questions. Okay we are talking about everything from dating while trans dating as a black woman dating while over forty yet. We talk a lot about dating here. Seventy percent of the people said they do believe in soul mates. And i think it keeps a lot of people single and i asked every single man left with how you became interested in transplant. And what is your interest and transplant but we also dive deep into trauma resilience. The social value of beauty. Beyond say you name it. My body's always been talking to me. But now i have a way to talk back. We don't often talk about. Ud is away that many many people and women in particular are exceptionally marginalized. Nothing is off limits honey. Nothing it's taboo. The first time. I ever experimented with survey shin was. I think i was ten years old. Maybe eleven the fact that you think. I'm here to please. You is exactly the white woman problem. Can we get a little. It will make you think it will challenge and hopefully inspire you. Love is intimate. We want people to understand us and understand that struggle were trying to create an identity and a culture where humanity has just been fully denied and girl. We have a lot of fun along the way for me. I let go of height in my last burn cox show.

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