EPISODE #610 'One Man's Dream!' - The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd


Ready to start. Yeah we know you must be extremely busy in here. Working on your. He's asleep ready. Stop and larry has sets up. The projector don't nearby rosen popcorn and pledged ending christie mater. Coakley we need. Okay all wakeham. But he's usually very grumpy when he streaming. Oh isn't that cute little legs twitching long. I wish we could see we. Can we can use dr floyd last latest invention before his latest latest invention the dream. You're three thousand. You put it on the head of someone who's dreaming and it shows you their dreams here. Let's put it on him and you plug these plugs into the monitor over there and alternate on here. We go just tune it in here will go to the creepy dream. Adventures of dr floyd. Our dream begins in the year. Eighteen ninety one. This is the hospital of the world's most brilliant scientists rare diseases. Dr floyd we find the dr in the large sitting room of his hospital on the outskirts of london speaking to his nurse on this dark and stormy night nears skip. You must be seeing things. Talk to floyd past three nights. I've seen a candle parceling. Those i've read carfax abbey nonsense carfax. Debbie has been deserted for us. Now come away from that window your doctor. Have you sent for little suck shaped patient rank fitch. Yes dr orderly running him up now. This rampage certainly is an interesting case. What with his mumbling in a language you can just barely understand what about his fascination with eating only super shuki sugar range indeed. He thinks that they give him energy. All you're really giving him as a short-term sugar bows and cavities things. I'd give me the to. I know that candy but they look. Here's the patient sir. F thank you. Orderly prairie. Yes sir hep c. Orderly has the dog been able to catch dodo bird. That's been running around the grounds for the past three nights. Not yet sir. Every time mr barone vaughn whisper chins gets near it it seems to vanish. Keep him on the job. That constant squawking is keeping me up at night. Sir john orderly. I can take the patient from here. Good evening red fitch. How are you feeling tonight. That's good still eating the spiders eighteen. Yes and you say they give you energy way. Do you think you need so much energy. Use your master will soon be here. What do you believe is your masters. Sit dope jumping on the couch. You're gonna knock over john. Marriage remains paid a million dollars for those. You know yes sir. Grab him in his room. Yes sir he meant by. I'm not sure nurse chips obviously foreshadowing of some sort or another. We'll just have to wait and see. Now tell me your other patient you mean. Lap attendant christine. Has there been any improvement in her condition. I'm a doctor. She still refuses to read all right. She said reading and writing his chest pain depressing for months. She's been one of the most brilliant lab attendants i've ever had then after taking one minute. Walk around the grounds three nights ago. She returned thinking. That learning is a futile activity. It's just so sad anymore. Possible treatment not yet. But i've sent word to my father. Dr floyd van senior for his advice on the situation. I'm hoping he can help. It was three nine christie and it was three nights. A guy that that does divert appeared on the grounds spin on lights. Moving around in carfax abbey all be certainly nut. Those kinds of coincidences only happened in monster movies and bad dreams. Someone's at the door. Not the only folks who had braved this type of daunting weather would have to be terribly nefarious and up to no good talk. Well you go injury. I'll be high near in the cluj as nurse chips bravely marches to the front door. And dr floyd timidly tiptoes to the closet. We shall reluctantly take our lean. Who could possibly be at the front door of dr floyd hospital on a nasty night such as this. And what is the strange that has overtaken young attended christie and just wanted his young rented saying to the dodo bird who is perched on the window sill of his hospital window

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