Detroit Pistons will sit Blake Griffin while team considers trade, buyout


Watson routes give espn dot com has reported that not only. Is andre drummond. Kind of getting shut down for this whole trade talk discussion but also his former detroit. Pistons teammate blake griffin. It sounds like we'll be held out of the lineup. Until they can sort of figure out what his next move is is there a trade available for blake griffin or does this have to be a very extensive buyout situation where you know blazing to give some money out to get his freedom to go play for a good team. How do you resolve. This blake griffin situation. And why are they going to shut him down. I mean he's been very rough. So far this season i think a lot of people have noticed that he hasn't had a single dunk all year. Which just seems incomprehensible for the player. He was earlier in his career. He's basically a three point line. Two three point line Shooter at this point if you wanna put it that way in terms of his impact Is there a way out for detroit. Here or what are they doing man the blake griffin situation is is pretty rough Yeah he just hasn't had a very good season not moving. While he's only thirty one which is like hard to believe. Honestly i you just look at them and you think that. He's like in his late thirties. Ve how long he's been in our like our collective conscience and how great he used to be You would like to think that he could have an impact a positive impact on a championship contender. I don't know if that's possible anymore. Especially when he's not hitting the three ball and he's not hitting the three ball even though he takes a bunch of them so i don't know man like it will be. It'll be really interesting if they do. Waive him even though like. I don't have the limit. I'm trying to find the contract numbers. I know he's still oh quite a bit of money. So that's gonna be really interested this year. It's thirty six point five next year. He's got a player option for thirty eight point nine. Oh so you're not gonna get anything close to that this summer. So the buyouts to have to kind of reflect that if they did kind of pursue that direction mean maybe. They're just trying to hope that they can construct a trade to dump him onto someone else's someone else eats that money next year. I don't know how you really get out of that. I mean it could be a situation where they've just decided look man like your body's not they're just take some time and hope that you can kind of get into a better spot but mean it does kind of look unsalvageable for him at this point you know and i hate to say that because there were times for derrick rose where looked unsalvageable to and he's come back to make himself like a valuable role player in certain situation You know is there. A role for a blake griffin lake career bench renaissance where he follows the carmelo anthony model right and he's only play in like sixteen minutes a game and he gives you good sixteen eighteen minutes and that's it Could that be like a second chapter for him. I don't know. But i think this idea of him as fulltime starter. Impact guy or major contributor is is basically done.

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