691: WandaVision S1E6 Review: 'All-New Halloween Spooktacular!'



Maybe thirty minutes long but episodes six has so much in it that i feel like we need to dive right in and get started for first-time listeners. Welcome to the podcast. We have A quasi is structured approach. To where i we recap what happened on the episode. Then we go through into a round robin of things we love or things that stuck in our brain and have been rattling around ever since Then we turn to don's Infinite knowledge of all things comics verse to talk about. What sort of comic easter eggs. We're going to find we. Go through kelly's crackpot corner where the which is a home for crackpot theories and other wild speculations and then finally we share our wishes for the future all right and the other segments. We need to add this week to half hour. Easy all right with with what on this episode. We could easily put together a podcast. That's twice as long as the tv episode. But i'm not sure if that's the i'm not sure if that's what the people need maybe this So i'm going to ask as i do every week. Would anybody liked to take on the recap. We love that you ask this but pass. This is the groundhog day portion of the recap of the episode. Where i'm like does anybody in your now. So so let me do my best to recap episode six. There was a lot. And i'm sure i'm going to forget something and when i'm done recapping we'll jump in with the suffer. Forgot okay all right so this this episode a little bit challenging because actually two different stories in one One is kind of like a spy caper. the second is a creeping dread horror movie. And you can guess which one of those is set in the families that come. So let's recap the spy caper. This is outside the heck's and are are acting director hayes has leaned into full villainy this week. 'cause he gets into it with captain rambo. He rejects her argument. That maybe you should parlay with the grief stricken which erected a giant hex in new jersey and after darcy makes a snarky remark or to. Here's like all right fine. Woo darcy lewis. Monica monica rambo. All of you off of my little sword base go goodbye They're escorted out and With just one exchange of glances agent woo the man who does things by the book. The man who is upholding law and order starts punching people. He and rambo quickly take down their escorts. They threw on ponchos so that nobody will know that they're not actually supposed to be there. And then they get back into a relevant tents so darcy can somehow hack into all of the systems. She hadn't been doing this earlier as gods private mystery and she finds some exposition for us. I she finds out that hayes can track vision via his decaying kingdom iranian signature. Second she finds out that according to medical files rambeau cells keep rewriting themselves on a molecular level. Probably because she's been in and out of the heck's and thus pass through the magic barrier twice and then in a move that frankly kind of shocks me because darcy's pop culture maven and she should know the number one rule of horror movies. She suggests they split up. So that wu and rambo can go meet. Rambos mysterious contact. them into the heck's again and darcy can continue hacking into the system where she discovers another set of files that seemed to imply pretty heavily. That hayes has an interest in weaponising vision. Okay so let's recap the horror movie because when you think about this was like the the most psychologically unsettling one division episode we've had and i'm referring to the tv episode one division within the tv episode of one division Now yes either of you ever ever actually watch malcolm in the middle. Yes yes so We've skipped over the ninety s and terms of sitcoms. I'm gonna argue. That's because the most pivotal family show of the nineteen ninety s party of five and the song. Closer to free is not one would be into at the moment so we basically say it's because it was roseanne and that's not where she wants to be no. There's probably roseanne that would be that would be an average family. But that's an average family in america is not a sitcom family in america. And we'll yeah. Yeah that's that's a really good point that's a really good point So yeah we basically moved to the early nineties with caddick sitcom opening and then all of the wanda scenes are just about Two big themes. The first is that the seams are beginning to show in the world. She's created in several ways and the second big theme is. Nobody trusts anybody. In this. everybody is unsettled Because it's super clear. That vision no longer trust wanda or the life. He's living so he lies to her about why he can't spend halloween with them and makes a couple of snarky remarks about how he had no choice but to his costume he goes off to investigate westview and finds a bunch of super creepy things which helped nothing. Nobody that but yeah. That's pretty much where we're at. Indy finds agnes to melissa. Is rather credits find credits in the one division show she was credited in the nineteen th. We'll know she shows up in the nineteen sixties version as a background player.

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