2021 RevTech Survey Results with David Elkington


Or either everyone welcome to digital conversation inside host. Billy bates joined by david wilkinson chairman jeff phones and we'll be talking about the rebecca benchmark survey that we did in conjunction with the rope. Texoma last month. Dave extra data to do it was a super interesting study given. We're going to be blown away with findings yet. I think it's really interesting. Human doctoral roy did the mit study probably a decade ago. Now were together on putting this together for us So what was the objective with the study and a little bit of african doctoral great and i did a study looking response times on on. How quickly leads go cold. And so we had. I've been a lot of work together. He was teaching at mit. At the time. I think subsequently he's been at several universities teaching locally river secret. Byu so came to us. And said i'd like to actually analyze what's happening in the market around technology that supports this new growth title right so the one thing you shared with is there's a new title essential emerging in the market around growth rate growth revenue marketing revenue growth marketing title. Cheap doesn't said. Hey let's do a study to see what's the technology that supporting that more importantly i think what we're trying to understand was is it. Silence today was becoming the same thing. Let's kinda dig into a little bit of what we found before. Sure some of the methodology. I've got some notes is people doing. This went to the right or to the left. They'll know what i'm doing but the attended the we actually had a shockingly large number of respondents. We had almost nine hundred respondents survey today. That's that's a crazy number honestly yet. The reason we were able to to get such a large number is this was tied to your event Everyone that registered had the option to take the survey took anywhere to five minutes depending on how detailed you want to be But we went through. We were asking. Okay what are you guys use in the jags revenue technology. We broke it down the do of what we thought were the top ten. Kelly works and the findings were really interested. So yeah the categories were. We were looking. Well i think i have it here. Kind of standard categories. You'd expect so yes. See our marketing. Automation email marketing. Seo comes marketing compensation the usual stuff web optimization solution. Diligence sales may our sales automation like his aunt outreach. That's right and i think you'll see here soon. There's of the study. It's about probably seventy pages pretty pretty groovy study and there are fifty six charge. Ten of them are just the results of the questions. Eleven analyze the technologies used by region nine analyze based off the company size ten analyzed by industry and then ten really digging digging into what combinations are effective so again. The court rejected was to say what's happening in revenue related technology. And the kind of just hit that the key finding what we found was the revenue for sure. These technologies are being bundled together. You're using sales. Marketing technologies are no longer separate silos. Were seven and begin to intertwine and we call them couplings. There's lots of a revenue supporting technologies. That are both on the marketing side and sell

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