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They know like anything. Like oh this is a house like. let's say the police department was studying some houses. 'cause like this was a madhouse in like fifteen machine-gun bullets all over there was a raid. Did they you know these details or like you buy a house and you go there. And you're like half of the houses burnt down. What the fuck the bushing below the difference between that is you know who's going to own it ranked that point which is the bank and the bank is literally just a corporation right. The bank has no idea they have no nothing about the property. Except for maybe the address in like the characteristics of the price. Some time we look at it a lot of times you wouldn't even be able to. Sometimes they will allow you to want to buy it because some of them. I'll see like even an l. e. it'll be like forty grand right. Yeah so it's like. Do you want to take that gamble. Do you want to the forty gran to bind the whole house or there is the bigger reward right but sometimes you may not be worth an auction action where you have a guy go five hundred hundred do you do. Have you guys purchased your any homes like fat. I haven't actually purchased gone to if you to like hotels big banquet

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