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Welcome to murder minute on. Today's episode. Ulta marie braun. But i your true crime headlines. The mother and father of a two year old found dead in saint paul minnesota residents sunday have been arrested on suspicion of the girl's murder. It was the city's first homicide of twenty twenty one according to authorities the child's father forty two year old vang called the police departments non emergency number early sunday morning and said something about needing a crisis officer before hanging up. Police attempted to call back but received no answer so they said officers to the location. Police arrived to the dayton's bluff residents at about two thirty. A m that's when the father told them that his daughter was on the back. Porch officers found two year old melody vang unconscious and unresponsive. Paramedics pronounced her dead at the scene. Vang had spent most of her two years in foster care before being returned to her parents custody. Last year five other children in the home ranging in age from nine months to years have been placed in child protection services. The girl's mother see your shield. Lee told police that she lost her temper. When melody quote kept crying waking her infant so she quote kept hitting her the z. County medical examiner determined that the two year old died of closed head trauma due to assault after being questioned. Investigators book to both the father and the mother into the ramsey county. Jail on suspicion of murder lee has been charged with second degree unintentional murder. It is unclear if charges will be filed against bag thorndike's in colorado have arrested a man that police believe is a suspect in a case involving the human remains of an adult man that were found in two large suitcases nearer trail in south west denver. Twenty eight year old. Benjamin david sarath wait was arrested friday. On first degree murder charges authorities say that on december twenty ninth crews were ploughing snow from the sidewalk in the residential area of sanderson gold. When they discovered the suitcases police were then called for an unrelated medical emergency on january first to an apartment a few miles away where they allegedly found evidence and a crime scene consistent with the december twenty ninth homicide case. The office of the medical examiner has not yet confirmed the identity of the remains. Police believe the men knew each other. Sadder thwaite is being held without bail out seventy year old has been charged with the murder of a wealthy restaurant owner in the uk. According to sussex police sixty nine year. Old susan addis was found stabbed to death that her brighton home on thursday. Addis was the owner of highly successful restaurants donatello and pinocchio donatello was opened with addison's husband pietro and they ran it together with their three sons friends told police that there was some sort of altercation at the home. The day of addison's death police have arrested seventeen year old but have not revealed his identity. He was charged with murder on friday and is currently in custody asses. Family issued a statement through their lawyers asking for privacy saying quote at this very sad and distressing time. The family kindly asks all media respect their privacy. The family are currently in the state of shock. Authorities have not said what the relationship was between the suspect and addis who lived alone but the two did know. Each other in michigan grand rapids area teacher. Who was pregnant with her. Third child was strangled to death by her husband. On november sixteenth. Thirty two year old amber gucci lar was killed her home her husband thirty five year old richard gucci lar- initially told police that he found his wife dead in her bed on monday. He was arraigned on the charge of murder. In kenwood district. Court bond was set at two million dollars. Detective tim dick. Rough said in a court filing quote. The death was declared. A homicide by strangulation is fixation. Richard was the only other person present in the home at the time frame of the incident that was physically capable of causing the injuries that resulted in ambers death. The kenwood school district said quote our thoughts and prayers remain with the family as they cope with this tragedy gucci lars attorney chip chamberlain declined to comment those your true crime headlines up next ulta marie braun but first a quick break. This code of murder minute is brought to you by fight camp. Do you ever just feel like you want to punch something after the past week. I that we all do. 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