Bonus: The Bus Driver Who Wanted To Be God, Revisited

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Guys it's me she is. You hopefully know. We're in the middle of two episode. Long tez sake project in which we're telling the story of a single battle on the golan heights during the nineteen seventy three yom kippur war. We'll be back next week with part two of that story which will also be the penultimate episode of our season but today as a little respite from the intensity and drama of war. We wanna replay short piece of fiction from our beloved and frequent contributor. Go kill it. Originally aired back in twenty sixteen is part of one of our most popular episodes. Stop that bus now. When we first began our show one of the most exciting things was getting to work with edco. Who's wonderful stories. We had all grown up reading and even study. i recently asked him what. it's like to be canonized. Have every israeli high schooler study in be tested on his creations west. Ride to help a high school kid with some homework. He about me and he got a very old mark after they all the direct. So subduing that flag. Janet jackson she went to a janet jackson. Look-alike competition and came in third place was one of the top free but thinks they use it. You know the people should take test about my stories about this kind of physical with anxiety. Don't want any severity become positively and it's strange that united ways. The literature is being taught is like the seminary that you teach math. When for me kind of teaching literature could be like teaching gay. I didn't know getting massage or hanging around in your backyard. These kinds of things that is for me kind of more fun and some kind of emotion at activity. You knows in professional the topics that you don't need school so if you ever wanted to practice your ability to get a massage or hang around your backyard. This is their chance. Here's scott kennedy. Short story the bus driver wanted to be god. Read by edco himself. This is a story about the bus driver who would never opened the door of the bus for people who late not for anyone not for repressed high school kids who ran alongside the bus and sturdy longingly. Certainly not for high strung people in windbreakers. Who'd bang on the doors if they were actually on time ain't was the driver who was out of line and not even for little ladies which brown paper bags full of groceries. Who struggled to flagging down his trembling hands. And it wasn't because he was mean that the didn't open the door because these driver the inteva meanwhile needs body. It was a matter of ideology said that if the delays it was caused by opening the door for someone who came late with just under thirty seconds and he's not opening the door to this person would wind up. Losing fifteen minutes of his life would still be more to society because the thirty seconds would be reduced by every single passenger on the bus and if there was say sixty people on the bus within done anything wrong and it order arrived at the bus. Stop on good as they'd losing half an hour which is twice fifteen minutes. This was the only reason why never opened the door. He news the passengers hadn't decided to stay. Do what is reason was as the people running after the bath and singling him to stop had no idea either. He also news most of them forty jefferson. Sob and that personally. It would have been much much easier for him to let them on and receive this mizen. Thanks accepts it when it came to choosing between smith. Thanks on the one hand and the good of society on the other. These driver knew what it had to be. The person should have suffered. The most from the driver's ideology was named eddy. But i'm cleaning. The story wouldn't even try to answer the bus. That's how as in wasted. Who was uh now. Eddie was an assistant. Gook restaurant code the stay away which was the best banks. The stupid owner of the place could come up with the food. There was nothing to write home about. But eddie himself was really nice guy nice sometimes when something. He made the income out. Well you'd it to the table himself and apologize. It was during one of these apologies that he met happiness This shattered happiness in the phone. Figure was so sweet. She tried to finish the entire portion of roast beef. Not brought her just so we wound few bad and these scared didn't want to tell him her name or giving him a phone number but she was sweet enough to agree to meet industry next day five at sports. He decided on together the dolphinarium in tel aviv. To be exact. Now eddie condition. It had already caused him to miss out on all sorts of things in life. It wasn't one of those conditions where you're adenoids get old swollen or anything like set but steve already caused the amount of damage. This sickness always made him oversleep by ten minutes and not i'm cooked any good. It was why he was invariably late for work at the stake away. That and our bus driver. The one who always chose the good of society over positive enforcements on the individual level except this time since happiness was at stake eddie decided to be conditioned and instead of taking nafta

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