A highlight from Nigeria Loses N22.2bn To Gas, Others Constraints In Power Sector

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Paris news office our on africa business radio a thirty day review has shared adopted onshore policy has continued office. Cbs loss of revenue gas as well as transmission and distribution constraints in the inaccuracy value chain but the losses hit twenty two point two nine four billion on christmas day. The largely negative figures for the last thirty days for the advisory pods team which is residents in the office of the vice president. Procedure amused baccio. Also should that's been declining. Generating and distribution many lingerie homes did not enjoy stable power supply during the ongoing festivities. Tomatoes data showed that with driven religious owing to constraints within the system including poor infrastructure. The country lost one thousand five hundred forty eight megawatts but our of the four thousand four hundred megawatts average energy generated from november his seeks to november five watt peak for the thirty days to five point five zero four megawatts a declining by sixteen percent compared to the previous month the report from the advisory power team stated that insufficient gas supply week distribution and transmission infrastructure accounted for the midst of performance of the sector and. That was the news at this time on africa.

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