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Dr. Death


Patty hester was helping a patient at work in the emergency room on the morning of august. Sixth two thousand thirteen. It was busy morning. Her colleague came in the room with a patient and tapped patty on the shoulder. Come here right now come here. I'm rock with her towards break room i to have time what she said. Patti catch your doctor. Patty walked into the break room and stared at the tv quote. We are michigan. Hematology oncology here in rochester hills. Were fbi agents are executing our search warrant. My sources are also telling me that a doctor has been arrested on charges related to healthcare fraud s fbi helicopters. They swarmed in on this morning. And i'm looking at this news. It has named goes across then. Then i have my cell phone in my pocket. and it's like this. you can feel it vibrating. All my dad from that point on her cell phone wouldn't stop buzzing all day. One call was from the fbi. You'll be getting your chart than the news. Said we'd like to interview you. Patty went home. Her husband was in front of the tv. Federal agents say in court records that doctor for allegedly kept patients on chemotherapy. Longer than necessary to cash in on the billings agents allege for da also directed that patients be diagnosed with cancer in their medical charts. Even when they did not have the disease patty wondered. Was she one of them. She didn't have to wait long to find out the next day a dark. Suv with tinted windows. Pulled into the driveway. An agent stepped out of the car and patty opened the door. Her whole family behind her. He said i'm very sorry and handed me my chart in the disk. I just sir cry. My family sobbing sobbing. It was horrific. She put the disk into her computer and began to scroll through. It was just lie after lie after lie. The also gave her a list of oncologist that she could see to get a second opinion. Ten days later patty saw a new doctor for the first time she brought with her. The disc at the fbi had given her. After the dr ransome tests she came into patties exam room hugging. And i am so sorry and saw sorry. You don't have it you don't have a patty began to cry. Her doctor said that she wasn't yet sure what had made her sick in the first place but she was sure that patti didn't have cancer. You need to live your life. You need to live your life. You not gonna die. I said if you do anything for me could you just please write it down town. She's forty where you want me to write it. And so she whipped out a prescription pad. And that's when she wrote a tricia has has no evidence and diaz in the weeks that followed other fatah patients or their loved ones sought their medical records. Saint joseph mercy. Oakland hospital filled these requests free of charge but crittenden had a different policy in some cases. The hospital asked for more than a thousand dollars to fill. The requests fought. Victims protested outside the hospital eventually crittenden relented and waive the fees but the victims and their families still needed someone who knew the technical lingo to look over the records. That's what i did for my fun. Time in the evenings nurse angeles won tek. I would go through the patient's medical records in a way. I feel like for me anytime. Somebody reached out to me. I said yes i didn't. I felt that that was something that i could do. And maybe you know. Help with the guilt of i should have done more. I wish i could have done more. One of those requests came from michelle mannarino. Her mother joan had died in two thousand ten six months. After angela's visit fatah had treated joan for breast cancer but when they met at a hotel in a banquet room angela had some news from michelle. And i remember looking at her records and the chemotherapy and i remember one thing that struck me was one of chemotherapy. Drugs that she was given is typically given for colon cancer. And i thought with this is odd like why would you give this for a breast cancer diagnosis.

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