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So the hot is are now in full swing. And you've got so much free time on your hands ready to tackle creating that new website or blog. well yeah. It's a daunting project but online tools of the last several years. Now make it much easier than in the past with dragon drop options that can let you create something that looks really good within a few hours that is of course once you've mastered the basics of how the programs work if you listen to podcasts. You've heard the words wordpress squarespace and wicks frequent advertisers. On many shows. Telling you how easy it is to make a cool website now. Wordpress targeted towards tech nerds. Who don't need support while squarespace in wicks or for the rest of us. I have been unhappy with the look of my wordpress photography blog for some time and i wanted a fresh start so i was inspired to give a try by my friend. Ed beg who after he left. Usa today started a wickes website and blog. That i think looks fantastic. So i went off to create a new blog on wits in a few days. That may not look as great as ads but it. I think it's clearly more appealing to the eye than what i have with wordpress. Now before you go down this rabbit hole know that wicks can be used for free however your web address will have wicks and the name and you'll have wicks branding all over the site and once you decide that you're serious. You're not going to want to have this free site anymore. You're gonna wanna pay to remove the branding and get your own personalized demeaning. The other thing to note is that once you have your blog you have to pay someone to host it to have it online and boy is. There are a lot of fine print. You can see that there are companies like go daddy host dream host. That will charge you anywhere from five to ten dollars monthly to way more depending on the size of your site but that introductory rate is just that introductory wait. They will jack you up afterwards. Dream host for instance advertisers array to four dollars monthly or about fifty bucks for the first year jumping to one hundred twenty dollars in the second year for me. What's even worse. Is that go daddy. The plan i have now is advertised. That thirteen dollars monthly. But because i'm several years into the contract. I've been bumped up to twenty dollars monthly or two hundred and forty dollars a year. So yeah. I'm interested in leaving. Wicks in squarespace both offer hosting as well as website and blog creation tools for the masses support and they don't offer introductory pricing so i like that squarespace rates start at twelve dollars. Go to forty dollars. Monthly wicks starts at fourteen dollars and those to about forty dollars monthly as well but a big difference squarespace will offer you unlimited storage for photos which is a big deal. Since we can't run our posts without photos wicks doesn't offer unlimited photo storage it offers three gigabytes of storage the fourteen dollar rate ten gigabytes at the dollar rate two hundred gigs the twenty-three dollar rate and i don't know what any of that means because how many pictures are going to fit in a gig and wicks doesn't have a tool for you to see how much storage you've used now. I love the ease of creating a site with wicks. I love the many design options and the fact that it's potentially more affordable way more versatile than what i have with go daddy but the storage could be an issue. What happens if you start running out of room. Well i think you know the answer. You have to start paying more money. If you're at the eighteen dollar eight monthly. you're gonna have to go to twenty three dollars monthly. Meanwhile we'll i switch from wordpress to wicks while i'm leaning in that direction as again i prefer the look and the tools to expand beyond what i have now but i do post a lot of photos. It is a photography blog after all. So it's something i have to consider. I will let you know my decision within the next few days

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