A highlight from Targeted Travel Restrictions Needed to Combat COVID-19 Second Wave

Newscast - Africa


Charissa news. news office our on africa business radio chaman of the federal government's committee on the review of intervention efforts to curb the spread of covid nineteen prophecy. Tamari has called for what he called. Targets travel restrictions to combat. Tonight's in resurgence. He said the federal government soon considered imposing some travel restrictions especially for those countries who are need kobe. Variant was spotted is against the backdrop of the rise in cases of covid nineteen. That i've advocated two thousand five eight hundred soon the last three days from december twenty six somebody santa difficult to attribute to current spike in infections to second wave off the pandemic due to the poor testing and coordination of efforts at data analysis on the health. Challenge his thoughts. It's remained a debatable. Issue in ontario is not to battling the first face off the pandemic and that was the

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