Chinese forced to grapple with a Lunar New Year COVID conundrum


New Year celebrations in the countries of Vietnam, South Korea, China and the U. S. So the ringing in of the year of the ox will be a largely virtual affair. But that means festivities hosted by the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and the Freer and Sackler Galleries in Washington, D C may draw an even wider audience. will headline the virtual celebration. The first piece is nicknamed the writer That's a realist and Shanghai Quartet co founder Hyung Gong Li second piece is a set of Chinese folk songs. Arranged by off friend and my friend and old schoolmate of mine So long, we were looking for folk songs that we thought would be evocative of this kind of Lunar New Year and his folk songs are just beautiful, and that's the Shanghai quartets, cellist Nicolas Severus. Theo. Entire performance, which will debut on YouTube tomorrow evening was pre recorded at one of Juilliard's performance halls in China. A kaleidoscope of brief musical journeys that takes you from the nostalgic to the sorrowful to the upbeat If you're happy you want something happy? There are happy music, And sometimes they only last a minute or two minutes long, You know which cheer you up, bringing to music lovers worldwide a soundtrack for the start of a new year and maybe a chance to taste the promise of more hopeful times to come. Paying your debt to

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