688: Maximoff Overdrive: Doctor Lewis Can't Lose (WandaVision S1E4)



Don melton me lisa schweitzer. Take a look at every episode of wanda jackson. And we try to figure out what it's about and why we're so excited about it and what we're thinking about obsessively until the next episode drops. This is the second episode in our podcast series. You can rewind your player to get the first one we did or we tackled the first episodes super excited to tell you that as of right now maximov overdrive will be covering episodes on individual basis. That's gonna podcast for episode number four episode for five all the way through our over many want amax month. Let's us half. i never did. She shows up and says no so the way this podcast works. We do a quick recap of the episode. What happened where did it. And then we go into a round robin discussion talking about what we loved. And why the may go to a second round robin where donald schools thoroughly in how this ties into the comics version and we make a few mobile risk contributions aware and when relevant then we do a round robin with the unanswered questions to see if the number of unanswered questions actually goes down. Or if you have to begin plotting it on a logarithmic scale to keep track of everything having gotten those formalities. Out of the way let's commence within recap of season one episode for titled we interrupt this program. great title. yes. I love the theme. Where they just keep looping in the keeping phrases that you've heard in a history television so to recap the breaks from the format of the previous three where instead of tackling a decade and paying homage to a specific sitcom we begin instead with the dramatic indecent happening or stepping of monitor. Lipping unbelievable living. Yeah no i really i refuse. I refuse to use that. It's terrible It is because it was so much more than it was five years. Yeah five years right. yeah anyway monica. Rambo has been has has has been de monica at he's just snapped out of existence for five years. We get to see her comeback.

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