Widening the IT Talent Pool

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Explored some of the issues surrounding diversity. In tech or better stated lack of diversity in tech an area we have not dug into yet is the talent pipeline and the role it plays in building diversities in our teams and our companies. This is your host jeff ton in this episode. We're going to speak with nicole crane. Nicole is the ceo of tectonic a software development company that is a certified b. corp and which has diversity as part of its core mission. Tectonic is the creator of the first software development apprenticeship recognized by the department of labor. Welcome to the show nicole. Hi jeff thanks so much for having me super exciting yes. I'm really excited to dig into this. Because when i learned of tectonic in the role you were playing as having that apprenticeship. I just couldn't wait to dig in and understand more about how that works but before we do that. I'd love to know about your journey. What brought you to tectonic. And then we'll get into what tectonic does in itself. But i'd love to start with your journey turn so i actually started my career in silicon valley in I actually work for very large cable operator back in the day but i quickly moved into the startup world and you know all things technology back in the day regardless of industry and as i progressed through my career you know certainly started facing the same challenges that most companies did in that we couldn't find good talent or we were constantly competing for the same pool. People in about four years ago. I moved to boulder colorado for an opportunity with sas company and again the same thing. We're competing with talent especially when google moved into town and then You know. I was in the market again in looking and i came across tectonic and i was like what genius idea And having lived the side of trying to find talent fast enough in qualified enough of like. Wow i now have an opportunity to go from the other end and help others. That are facing the same challenge by extending the offering that tectonic head. So i was. I was super excited. By 'cause i was like i can't believe somebody hadn't thought about this sooner. So tell me about tectonic itself first of all. What do you do Tectonic do and give me a little bit of the background on the company. How came to to have such an important role in diversity cheer so tectonic is in outsourced custom development shop so we are All onshore here in the us and then we do everything from quick projects to staff augmentation technology teams and then the more interesting piece of that is the apprenticeship program that we run to effectively develop software developers so when heather terenzi started the company. Geez about fourteen years ago it was really just a development shop and she ran into the same problem. Everybody else has which is. Where do you find. Good talent that you can bring on. And she had this notion of well. Why don't i just teach people to do the job. Hence the apprenticeship was born about four years ago for three and a half four years ago and the idea was to bring folks in give them classroom training and then migrate them into the development teams where they can have the on the job learning portion that would allow them that real world experience and then progress through says where it started and then she also they ran into some situations where clients ra like. These folks are fantastic. Can we hire them and in the notion usually in most companies is non compete non solicitation. Because you want to find good people you don't wanna lose them but in my experience if people are going to leave they're going to leave regardless of what agreement you have with your client so why not enable that journey for somebody and that's really

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