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Radar weather Watch it'll be cloudy, breezy and like, hold for today, the high 38 wintry weather, developing tonight with some sleet and freezing rain. 28 very slippery travel continues through tomorrow. Snow, even mixing with the ice. I 32 that could accumulate a couple of inches in the Monday before tapering off Monday. Bitter Cold Hydro's 22 from the Weather Center. I'm Bill Dagger. You know, good company is QuickBooks slowing your business down, Give challenges managing inventory project profitability. We're just getting paid fast enough. Get your business to a better place and graduate to net suite two day stop paying for multiple systems that don't give you the information you need when you need it. Ditch the spreadsheets and all the old software you've outgrown. Now is the time to upgrade to nets. We by Oracle, the world's number one cloud business system. Nets. We gives you visibility and control over your financials. HR inventory, e commerce and more everything you need all in one place instantaneously. Whether you're doing a million or hundreds of millions in revenue, save time and money with net sweet join the over 24,000 companies using next week right now. Let nets we'd show you how they'll benefit

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