Podcasting is Pandemic Proof #435

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Everyone welcome to the new media. Show my name's todd cochran chris. I'm joined by my co host. Mr rob green rob how you be. I'm doing great back to be doing it on saturday. Yes indeed as very snowy cold saturday here. We got a couple of inches of snow night. But it's everybody's getting. It's not five inches of i mean it's not five degrees anymore. At least it's like twenty two twenty three now. Yeah plus this. This is going to be a two for for us today. We're doing this and then at six. Pm eastern three pm pacific where we're doing a clubhouse thing together that's right so if you want to join you sound clubhouse today there'll be there's information in my facebook thread Probably should post something over on the new michel threat. But there's something there's something that geek news. I think you posted something on your twitter account as well so but Yeah that's that's this afternoon or this evening early afternoon. The i guess evening. I guess yet to qualify evening. Yeah and we're gonna take lessons and we're gonna talk about how to had a fundamentally start a podcast and how to in our our opinions anyway how to grow a show of lots of diverse opinions out there right now about how to how to go out. All these things is the medium diversifies and a lot of different directions. Come on over in criticize. We'd love to have you saw. Challenge our our assumptions on how to do this and then it's always a good thing to do and i saw there was a gal that i just. She said. hey. I have no idea what i'm doing but i recorded my first episode. And i just basic said congratulations. You've got ninety percent for long then lot of people that decided that they're going to start so you know i was like good. You know you'll figure this out. I said when i started. I had no clue and to you. Know i think people over analyze it. I actually got an email from someone this is. We're we're launching eight shows on july thirty first. I'm like really you're you're in their vc funded startup. So they are. They're gonna launch. No h one show with eight episodes in july thirty first and i was just like you've already got money and it's gonna take you this. This let me check. Calendar february march april four months. So that's also the case with some podcasters to they plan way too much. Yeah yeah it can happen. Do you have a launch strategy. I hate it. When i see that that just makes most independent podcasters. Go to hard right. That's true that's true. though. I've been actually going through the process. My myself of trying to come up with a new show concept myself and i find myself getting caught up in the in the the gravitational pull of trying to make whatever you're planning on doing in a big impactful thing right right out of the gate so i do think that there's some pressure that's out there on podcasters to compete at a higher level and to produce you know what might be perceived as a higher quality content versus. I think what all of us have done in the past is just start out rough. You know if. I think back on all the podcasts. At i've done they've always started out rough. You know And i think this one will be no exception to that. I'm sure even even with lot of planning so Yeah so. I think it's it's good to get an idea of what you want to accomplish But yeah i would agree. I mean unless you're time is very very short. I'm being able to put into it. I would just get it. Get it done and get it moving and evolving over time. Learn from it. That i mean that's why it's important not to produce a bunch of episodes and advances because you may not wind up Doing the same thing started. So i always say that episode ten is not going to sound like episode one in-depth tan is not gonna sound like i mean absolute twenty nine hundred sound like episode ten. So i don't think. I found my battle rhythm. I think it takes you know really especially if you have quote unquote and new my time. You have no mike time. Yeah forty five. It's you know maybe are getting better because we're doing zoom meetings and stuff but i think like thirty forty episodes before most podcasters really kind of find their their battle rhythm but i find myself falling into bad habits all the time as well so i have to kind of refresh my stuff. You know refresh what i do so right now. I think that's smart. We'll thought i was diving into the the. Those fancy microphones that we were talking about on the last episode. The by neural microphones in in in production process was trying to learn about that stuff. A little bit and and i found that. Those those microphones are really interesting because they have ears on the side of them. So they're trying to simulate a human head. So basically hit by. Microphone with two microphones in like simulated years like rubber ear on each side of almost like some headphones and i saw some guys on youtube. That were making these These microphones out of regular old. You know big old fashioned headphones. And they're basically attaching These the silicone ears to the outside of the headphones and then running the same kind of microphone into the ear opening. And kind of creating this whole same thing that you can spend three or four thousand dollars buying by neural microphone and just totally replicated. It's it's really interesting and the kind of sound it creates not unlike what we hear in our world around us. So i mean it's it's very interesting to think about. You know if each one of us were to have a a by neural microphone sitting right in front of us Would the sound. Why would a sound much different. And i'm i'm not really sure that it would because the whole principle behind it is trying to capture sound almost like a three hundred sixty degree kind of sound. Effect is what you're trying to do. If you're sitting right in front of a person that you're talking to it's going to be very much like listening to maybe a stereo or mono ir a recording because it's not coming from various directions. So i thought it was interesting way of looking at it but you can spend like eight thousand dollars. On one of these

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