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Lords score, Real Vladimir Guerrero Jr kept busy, Oh, Tasker, Hernandez and others. Is one of the best, if not the best in the American League. All right, so they pull him out. The Jays are happy. Give me some of the teams are in on this that right now we're kind of licking their wounds that they didn't get George Springer. You know the Mets were there, but they weren't there like the Blue Jays and ultimately, that's what happened here. George Springer got a massive contract, six years $150 million. And it off season where massive contract simply aren't being given out. Remember, the biggest deal up to this point was $90 million for DJ LeMay. You and I understand that JT Real Muto hasn't signed yet. Trevor Bauer hasn't signed yet. But the fact is, Springer was always going to get the most money on this market. It was just a matter of how high the teams were gonna be willing to go in. The Blue Jays did not want to miss on another guy and paid a premium price for it. Springer's spending the past four seasons at the top of the Astros lineup. He had a team high 14 home runs this past season, added another four in the postseason as Houston lost to Tampa Bay in the A. L. C s Ember of his teammates struggled offensively this past season in the wake of the sign stealing scandal, But Springer continue to put up Better numbers. He had to 65 32 R B I in 51 games in 2020 SportsCenter all night, ESPN radio. Next general

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