Embracing Self-Care with Mary Hyatt


You are a very multifaceted kind of person. You're you're a yoga instructor therapist. Your life coach. You are very knowledgeable about essential oils. How did you discover your strengths to did these things just kind of fall in your lap or how did this all come about for you. You know it's so fascinating. I think like when you hear. Somebody's resume or their out. And you're like wow like. They're an expert at xyz or whatever and yet at least for me which i would imagine. This is true for most people. It's like a journey. Along the way we start picking up these interests and facets of what is drawing your attention and for me. It was all from my own personal healing journey. And if we were to rewind the clock like eight years ago you would have a very different mary. I was about eighty pounds heavier than i am now. I was dealing with like really extreme anxiety and depression. I wasn't a marriage that was just not healthy and not ultimately life-giving and i really had no sense of purpose. No sense of identity and was dealing with autoimmune staff so it was like the culmination of somebody who has totally just lost themselves and i was almost like sleepwalking through life is what it felt like in so there was this moment. I can remember so clearly where it was like. Okay either this is going to go to a bad place really really quickly and it was already kind of spiraling in getting to that point. Or there's got to be more to life than this. Like surely little flicker of hope shirley there's more to life than this and thank god. I listened to that voice of. There's there's more here and started this journey of self discovery and started to come into. What made me come alive. And and authentic and learning about myself and learning about my own feminity and my own just essence as a woman and so little by little. I started kind of adding these different tools to my toolbox That me to do my own work. Further and then ultimately as a life coach now be able to give that gift as medicine two other women who've been on a similar journey so it's kind of like my own work that now gets to be given to others your podcast. I've tuned into a couple of episodes. You're actually right now at the time of this recording. Your your theme for the month is femininity. Yeah and i think that was one of the reasons why i was like okay. Wow when we're here on the get foxy show. That's one of the things that i felt like i wanted to do for my listeners. Was to help them. Learn more about cultivating an amplifying their own divinely given feminine entity and so. Oh mary she's she's she's Needs to be on this show. so what. What have you been discussing on your podcast over the last couple of weeks hot. Oh my gosh. It's so juicy. It's like literally my favorite month so far and i feel like every month. We talk about just amazing topics around self-discovery and mindset and so to end the year as we're recording this in this this topic of feminity is so beautiful because there's all different ways of looking at it. i mean the reality is. Is that this. Concept of femininity. In and of itself is deep. There's a lot of different ways. You could approach it and so on the pike cast. We're looking at that. we're looking at. How do you personally define your own femininity because we're getting all these messages from diet culture from the fashion industry from the porn industry. On what it is to be a woman you have to look certain way you have to behave a certain way. Even on google like the definition of femininity is like agreeable and pleasing and cooperative and quiet. It's just as outdated one dimensional definition of what it is to be a woman so on the show. We're getting to explore like okay. If i could look at the totality of myself as a woman the essence of what makes me divinely female. What does that even look like. How do i even begin to experience her. And not just from what. I've been told from childhood or religion or culturally. You know i know that Especially now as even tricky because we are more out there than ever as women and working were raising children. We are in unconventional relationships. We are in a way trying to do it all. And it's exhausting us. I mean it's really depleting acids burning us out and so it still trying to figure out. How do i define this in a new way. That isn't like in the confines masculinity like. I don't have to work like a man. I don't have to produce like a manner achieve like a man was. It looked like to do that as a woman. So those are kind of the the surface level things that we're talking about on the show and then we're getting into all the fund woohoo staff about your menstrual cycle and the moon cycle and astrology. An archetype. so it's like real a wide range of different lenses in looking at feminine entity. that's fantastic. Yeah i will put a link in the show notes to that specific episode. And it's it's one of the episodes that i tuned into law. You guys are talking some very fascinating stuff that you mentioned how inner in our culture were to a point now where women are trying to do so much and where so many different hats that they're beginning to experience are have already experienced burn. How do you help someone recover from this and really kind of start embracing taking care of themselves. You know i think. I just xfl because like it really is something that is so prevalent right now that just depletion that deprivation an of self care and taking care of the needs that we have and it's bread. Ns almost taught to us from a very early age to give and give and give and give and be yes women to be people pleasers to do it all then you mix that in with like okay now. I'm feeling liberated. And i'm feeling independent in so i want to achieve all of these things and be the best version of myself and the reality is is that no human male or female can keep up with that kind of twenty four seven all in kind of demand for their lives and so to me when we can begin to look at first of all where my feeling deprived like i think we kind of have to almost diagnose the situation i and figure out where we're feeling exhausted. What's exhausted in our lives and get really honest. First and foremost about what's draining ass. What siphoning off our energy because no amount of self care can sort of cover up win we keep in the same patterns that are going to deplete us like that piece has to shift in order to experience something different and so i is identifying where am i at you know from a scale of one to ten on the burn out scale. Where am i am. I am handling it in my functioning. M i barely functioning am i to the point where i feel like i could have a mental breakdown and blow up at any moment which i feel like a lot of us are at that place you know. It's like the covid fatigue. The twenty twenty fatigue is really setting in and our bandwidth is is not what it normally would be and so i think the first step is going okay. I'm i'm really exhausted here. I'm struggling and from that place. Then we can look what needs to shift and starting to identify those warning signs that come into play that are ever so gently to the point. Where it's that little twinge of this is to match and say yes. And then oop i'm over committed and we say more and the point. Eventually we're most of us get total. Burnout is where it's like. Our body is shutting down our adrenals or shot are cortisol levels are depleted our vitamin d is depleted like everything within our physical bodies emotionally and just from a health. Standpoint is gone like the reserve has gone. So that's kind of like the the level ten on that scale. So let's look at where we at been. We can think about recovery replenishment and rejuvenation from a very holistic point of view.

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