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Joining us to talk about some of the most unusual stuff it's es this year is usa today tech columnist. Jennifer jolly a jennifer. Thanks for being here. Oh my gosh you guys. Thanks so much for having me. I love talking about weird tech. It's my favorite thing. All right so what was the weirdest thing you saw this slightly different. Cas where we all were covering it. Virtually yeah well we're just. It's it's going to be a tie between toews poop detective toilet. You heard that right and i mean please. Just start with the puns. Now i call it number two on my list healthier future based on what you leave behind get ready to be bulled over from the latest data dumb. I mean you can't you can't make this stuff up. What does it do. Tell me you you. You've you've peaked. You've peaked. My i can't think of a good pun around the top of my head so i'm going to give up. He's flushed with excitement about this. There you go there you go. Okay so todos newest ai. Smart commode is a sensor filled. Smart bowl aimed at detecting early signs of disease based on just imagine doing air quotes key outputs so it will analyze everything from how long you sit on the throne to The temperature of your skin as yours just sitting there to whether your stool contains enough fiber and then it will send you recommendations on how to improve your health via app on your smartphone showing gives you solid output. I caught up with you guys young so there we have it so that's got to be one of the weirdest last year. I talked about There was some gadget that analyzed your cats poop to let you know about your cats health so it was just a small leap to human health based on. You know looking into the future by what you leave behind. Yeah i'm gonna stop now it totally but you know it really it really make sense because you know how they've said. Some universities were analyzing waste on campus for covid spreading around so anyway so you mentioned it was a tie. So what's the other weird thing that you that at the top of your list. The bio breast milk. You guys remember last year when impossible pork basically got all the headlines plant based bacon that actually tasted really really good. Well this is again with the pun. The mother of all new high tech smart foods bio milk is a customized cultured breast milk. That is made from cells of a pregnant mother than cultivated in a lab to reproduce human milk. But it's personalized for that specific infant from that actual mother. So it's a way really. And i mean it sounds crazy but female Cell biologist female food scientists founded this company to create an alternative solution to formula to the packaged powdered formulas. We've been using forever because three out of four moms. Have some reason they have to stop breastfeeding before the recommended. Six months so it could be work. It could be health related. It's stressful any nursing. Mom knows it is one of the hardest jobs you will ever do. Toss in pandemic and working from home in teaching your kids. I mean it's really really hard in the best of times so that is just something i can't i couldn't believe it when i heard about it but i'm excited to see it. Come hopefully this year. So let's get to some of the really cool stuff that happened in the s one of the things that i've heard i'd heard about were these bionic contact lenses i think. Can you describe them. They sound really cool. Yeah it's called mojo vision. It's an a. Are embedded contact lens. That is as close to a bionic accessory as i could ever imagine. There's a teeny tiny display. It's half a millimeter in diameter. That's about the same size as a grain of sand that's actually embedded within the contact lends itself and then it projects images and information really subtly. You really take your attention away from what you're looking at but it projects that into your peripheral vision as you either. Walk down the street or cycle up a hill or even look up into the night sky. It's absolutely mind blowing at this. Was the winner of css last gadget standing. And that's an event that i have emceed for the past several years including this year i had not seen not mojo lens until video that the company played during the event and i had to pick my job up off the desk. I just cannot believe this kind of futuristic far out technology is actually here and the company told me they're going to launch this For people who are visually impaired. I and follow up with a consumer model. They have to go through all kinds of of fda and f. like all kinds of regulations because it is a contact lens. I e a medical device but they are looking at two three years out with these. Maybe less sounds like something. I am i on medically go to the goes. Terminator two were you. Were you got to see through the terminator's eyes and stuff was coming up on the side and you're like wow that if that could happen in the future yeah not only could is will. We've seen it. We also saw the music's glasses that do something very similar. But they're a pair of glasses so the difference is a contact lens and a pair of futuristic super cool smart glasses nice beyond products. Were there any trends or big takeaway. She took from the show this year. Jennifer there was a lot this year. You guys have already talked about this. A lotta pandemic tech germ killer. Everything's from target as new anti microbial backpack to special lights. I saw ub techs. Giant robot can rule through rooms shooting off giant rays of uvc. Light to sterilize a room so huge huge emphasis on clean tech mask tech. You guys wrote about the airpods mask. I have that with me where you know. There's a little disc on the front of it that connects with your smartphone and can give you all kinds of information about the air that you're breathing. How much your breathing. So that was a really really big trend and then also just comfort more comfort and this big buzzword this year delight at home figuring out ways to bring basically your whole entire world inside the walls of your home or even your backyard and have it be a lot better to hang out. There in the future will

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