A highlight from Biden Announces Nation Will Rejoin Paris Hilton Fan Club

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That's the sound from the us capital today as joseph r biden junior. Sworn in our nation's forty-six president here how president biden was able to stunned the nation with jaw dropping soprano rendition of his inaugural address and later. It might only be as first day on the job but our new commander in chief has already having to clean up. Some major messes left behind by his predecessor. Here why the biden family was horrified to discover the rotting months-old corpse of jeff sessions in the white house residence from the onion and onion public radio. This is topical unwisely price. And i do solemnly swear to faithfully execute the reading. Today's news right. After the over the last four years president trump has made it a priority to reverse numerous decisions from the obama administration including leaving the iran nuclear deal and defunding the epa but today newly elected president. Joe biden is taking steps to bring the nation back to the obama era by announcing that the us would be immediately rejoining the paris hilton fan club for more. Here's our senior political reporter. Dirk mullins dirt. Can you give us a little more context here. Of course leslie as our listeners. May remember barack. Obama originally signed the historic legislation. Making the us part of the paris hilton fan club in two thousand sixteen joining over one hundred and eight other nations celebrating the career of the esteemed business woman slash models slash since lash actress however wants donald trump came to office. He made it a priority to reverse this decision. And what was the reasoning for leaving. The move is broadly consistent with the trump administration's rejection of international cooperation but more specifically president trump vehemently criticised paris hilton as being spoiled party girl. Who's just sort of famous for being famous and on several occasions. He even went so far as to imply that her celebrity was a hoax being perpetrated on the american public. This was seen as a startling move at the time especially since the. Us joined only a handful of other countries such as iran iraq libya who refused to join the fan club Well it's a different culture over there so dirk now that we're back in. Can you explain what it really means to be. Part of the paris fan club. I spoke with rashida lewis. Deputy spokesperson for the biden administration. Here's what she had to say. Club membership comes with a series of benchmarks that nations are expected to meet including a commitment to getting the simple life back on air and making concrete economic shift towards peres's lines of perfume and clothing interesting and realistically. How long will it be until the us officially rejoined well because joining the fan group. Coalition is set up as an executive agreement. The biden administration did not need senate approval and was able to begin the process of rejoining today. But we won't become official members of the little hilton's for some time. Here's lewis again. President biden has said that he will sign a bill on day. One re entering the us into the club as well as sending in a check with all lapsed due so we are once again a member in good standing from there. There are some logistics such as rejoining. The paris hilton is my religion facebook page and ordering millions of rest in peace tinkerbell throw pillow so every american can honor. Paris's pet chihuahua. but we expect to be officially back within president biden's first month in office. Oh i imagine that has to be good news for those who are upset. We left in the first place. Absolutely although there are those who feel that merely rejoining. The fan club doesn't go far. Enough activists have expressed concerns. That biden may merely provide lip service to paris fans by saying that's hot in a press conference instead of taking substantive action such signing legislation to protect her status as the most successful female dj for decades to come. We'll no matter what ends up happening. Sounds like they're sure to be a lot more talk about how under rated her performance was in house of wax. Expect so thanks dirt. That's dirk molins back. In a moment support for the following passion comes from lexus celebrating the obsessions that drive us to go all in from enthusiasts of all different spaces. My name is ashley. I am from los angeles california. And i am a foodie to me. Food isn't simply stuff people eat. When they're hungry it's inventive. It's delicious and i love how food is sort of a catalyst that brings people together. Ashley started posting food. Photography on social media during college pioneering the food blogging space by just being herself creating something. That's interesting beautiful and quirky. I think that's what sets you apart. I think as soon as you are going to be yourself unapologetically. That's when people will really resonate with you and she believes passion is the key to success. Passion creates excitement. I think it's a fuel that really inspires drives people to their goals at lexus. They've gone all in on their passion designing appear sports sedan. The new lexus.

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