A highlight from The Perfect Lead Magnet to Boost Audience Growth w/Glenn Allen


Is my one hundred episode. Get more than a guy over here. Thank you so much. I appreciate it but this is. I repeat my one hundredth episode. Yes yes yes one hundred thank you yes but now i'm with you all right ladies and gentlemen boys and girls. We are back with another episode of the authority project. And i have my good friend. He had glen allen he is here. He says to help busts or just help us discover or put together set up the perfect lead magnet. I want you guys to stay around. This is going to be great. Go perfect lead magnet to boost your audience growth. Is that right glenallen. That's right. And i'm so happy to be here to share it. Well we shall see we shall see if you can take. We shall see on this latest episode of Ladies and gentlemen and girls feast your eyes and tune your ears. It's that time again. We are live with another episode of the authority project. It's the video. Podcast streamed on facebook. Youtube twitter and periscope where we talked digital marketers business coaches and creators of all kinds on how they built authority airfield. And how you can mimic their success developing authority building your audience and attracting clients to your own business now without further ado. Let's bring to the virtual stage your host brian. We back the episode of the authority projects. And i am really excited for this one. Because i think that if you get this rights and maybe glenn will will agree with this confirmed with this What i'm saying here. If you get this right everything else can really online for you if you get this right. So i'm putting him on the spot with him on the hot seat. I guess for that. But i think this this this is this is going to be a very special show and i want you all to stick around in. Listen to what he has to say. That i think i believe not only do. I think i know that this can be the key to really getting your business up and running or at least scaling in a way that you really wanted to to grow in into flourish. So with that said Please glen how're you doing today. First of all. I'll do an excellent. It's been a productive and my kids are gracious enough to be across the street sledding. So they not to come in and interrupt right now also awesome. That is oh sledding. Wow that's great. Oh you have milwaukee gruber. That's use the case in boston. But we're doing pretty good without any snow. But i'm loving at so i remember. Those days been snowed in the city in boston. What's funny is in a second although st cloud so fast. I'm amazed at how efficient those people are in that. Yes absolutely so. We don't play around here in boston. Which is great so we have tight streets so we can't play around around it's true. Yeah so anyway. let's get started. Let's let's tell the people first of all who you are glen personally professionally. Sure when my. I'm a multi instrumental musician. Songwriter turned marketer and father. Single dead two three little ones. That i'd mentioned earlier. Yeah that's i guess that's the best way to some me up this. I did like the second one second but the second person i know that was been on here.

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