S2E89: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 01/19/21 - burst 37


You're not even man enough. To even greek joe biden the president elect and shake his handle whatever and and have that peaceful transition of power. Because you are mental midget because you are selfish because your shell of yourself in good. Britain's he is so ashamed of himself so embarrassed. He has the leave town the day before. I will beloved president barack obama you know even in that transfer of power he there. We saw it in that. South lawn shook donald trump's hand. He didn't wanna do that. Gotten a helicopter and a ship thou beloved president idea but he was mad enough to have to be presence on that transfer of power. actually a missing knock alicia. She should be in the history books. You will be known as the worst president of all time but not only that you'd be known as one of the worst persons of all time. Shame on you foot- getting people routed overseas to try to get into this country in one in twenty

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