President Biden's career we've seen him really


Great to have you with us on this Inauguration day. Joseph R. Biden Jr was sworn in today as the 46th president of the United States alongside him. Vice President Kamila Harris made history as the first black woman and first woman of South Asian descent toe hold the second office. Hi, highest office in our nation. President Biden and his administration will have a lot on their plate. Once today ceremonies are over, however, as the president mentioned in his address today, the crisis he'll have to confront in office include the covert 19 pandemic, rising unemployment, systemic racism and the growing threat of climate change. Joining me now to discuss is robbing Gabon. Washington Post senior critic at large, Robin, Thanks for being with us Thanks for having me. Also. Laura Barone Lopez is the national political reporter for Political Welcome, Laura. Thanks. Good to be here. And Dr Kelly Carter Jackson is a historian and professor in the Department of Africana Studies at Wellesley College. Great to have you back Kelly. Hi. Laura President Biden referenced Abraham Lincoln and his address saying that his quote whole soul forgive me. Regarding his work as president is in this. Biden spent decades in the Senate and ran for president twice before. What do you think this moment means for Joe Biden?

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