A highlight from Thank You, Ted Lasso


Podcasts joining me. Today is morrison head of the fredericton district soccer association vice president of the ted lasso club and also now are i repeat. Guests coaches plan. Podcasts are welcome back. Thanks actually be here in. Can't we talk about this and no problem. I can't believe that after three seasons it took us this long to cycle back through our guests small province. Right yeah yeah you know it would happen. One of these also. Joining us is evil. Blonde director of high-performance at athletics. New brunswick and head coach of athletics and cross country at the university of moncton treasurer of the fan of the ted lasso. Fan club. So thanks for joining us today to be here. I'm impressed that. I'm in charge of the money for the organization. Yeah i mean. We are a small small nonprofit. So we're working with a tight by. But i'm sure you'll be able to make it work like with most sports organizations that you've worked with the task probably true. Oh man so so today as you can kind of tell we're gonna be talking about this show ted lasso on apple tv plus that has been sweeping the sport community a show. That really has no business being as good as it is We will be discussing some spoilers today. So this is my spoiler alert in advance. You've been warned So i'm gonna sank the two of you because you're the ones who introduced me to this. Podcast we were talking about it in a coffee and coaching meeting. That we had maybe in december and as soon as you mentioned that the other one started fan blowing like crazy and i was like you know what this sounds right up my alley I think i can. I can book this office professional development hours at work so it took the rest of the afternoon off and binged it in one sitting and I just expecting to have it on in the background while i was answering emails. And then the more. I was watching it. The was like i used to give this my full attention. This is going to be something really special. Yeah thank you to the two of you for introducing it to me. You're very welcome. Yeah no problem so for those of you who don't know as much about the show. The whole kind of gag premise. Is that Ted lasso by jason davis is an american football coach who hired by an english premier team ball soccer team and i thought the whole joke of the show is going to be that. He didn't know what he was signing up for and that he is like oh. I'm going to coach football in in the uk but You learn very quickly that he is very very well aware of what he's getting himself into. He knows he knows nothing about english. Soccer english football But that he's ready to embrace the challenge Anyway so that's that's kind of the setup of the show The the characters you meet like i find really well rounded out each play their own unique role in how the team kinda comes together. The let's let's focus on ted for right now Ted who's just this like overwhelmingly relentlessly positive person is all about focusing on on coaching to the player and and and kind of that transformational coaching style. Where he's like. I know. I don't know anything this sport. I've got an assistant coaches. Who can kind of back me up on that part My job to work with these players. What do you think of that as like a representation of coaching in in media. It's pretty different from his portrayal of a coach is quite different from most that. We've seen in in typical tv and movie The only other one that i can think of that is similar. Which was another one of my favorite shows which you will not remember but berry might was a show called coach which was also about football coach but he was actually coaching football but it was a similar little bit concept of of how he responded to things and he had complete different personality but the same idea of of how does it coach really operate in and in you know in the real environment whatever it i just think. This show is amazing for how well thought out. The characters are especially ten. Yeah agreed ted. Ted lassos really the mr rogers of coaching guy who is just so genuine and so truly cares about the people around him that you're like oh man i just. I need to do more of that in my life i need. I need more of that around me and in the environment. I'm in so it. Really kind of i always gives you something to think about in terms of how do you kind of how do you portray yourself to the world. And how do you kind of help to you know inspire those around you through kind of you know your actions and through caring. It's really kind of fun to watch i. I felt i was becoming a better person as as each episode past like i felt like a genuinely lake more patients more positive person as i was going through it. I'm like hey. And i've got that feeling stuck with me for days afterwards and even preparing for this episode and kind of going through some of the some of the scenes or some of the lessons

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