S2E84: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 01/11/21 | Comedian Kenny Woo - burst 47


Year broadway played his you us in times square. We won't you. I said you know. I was really disappointing. Which is still shut down as many of you know. And all of those p. blow yes and those people you know. A lot of them had to leave the city if they find other jobs or a lot of them. you know theaters. They you know did everything around this. They're still out of work. While law and order special victims unit is doing their part and they've been turning to theatre actors to popularly it scenes and as many of them have been you know and because many of them are still out of work. Due to the pandemic broadway stars are going to be coming up in casting announcement for thursday's upcoming episode and as view show run. Our warren lake confirmed. The show was seeking out theater stars earlier this week. They took to twitter. Basically to say we are trying to hire every broadway actor we can while we envy. Wait for the curtains to rise. Again on he said by broadway. We of course mean off and off off and off off off broadway Among the stars in upcoming episode will will feature breakout eva zodda. She's twenty four and she earned tony tony. Nominations for her broadway debut in miss saigon and her follow up as the lead

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