A highlight from Did President Trump sign the Insurrection Act Last Night

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I got some breaking news here Very important of. I'm trying to verify the truth here. I am trying to verify all this truth Just so you know. But i'm getting breaking news coming out through the cracks here Former us navy seal Michael jacko he is. One of the people also Along with simon parks Simon parks From the uk. There's different people in different influential positions. Right now folks that are saying president trump as of last night january ninth and. Vote the insurrection. Act okay again. I'm trying to verify this. This is very very very difficult. There was a blackout. Is you know over on on the other side of the world over there in pakistan There's blackouts over in italy things going on. There's a reason why these things are going on. These things are going on and they take down the power grids because there's usually an operation involved are they don't want something they're doing it in protest and this case there is a operation going on now. Is we speak okay. Some people might say. Oh eric. you're crazy or this year that no no the intelligence that i'm getting and gathering new and research and gathering up having the dig and dig hard. There is an operation going on. I'm trying to verify again. I know notice. I say i'm trying to. It's hard to get information less. You're on the inside gig of the government s you're close to the trump administration. You're right there. It's hard because all social media folks. Facebook twitter instagram snapchat. Everything shut down for the president. It's completely blacked out shutdown. But again i repeat these two sources that i mentioned Has now former navy seal. Mike jayco he's claiming again and Also simon. Parks is claiming again that the president has signed. And i'm starting to see little drip information start to come out. Nothing's gonna come out on twitter folks. Okay nothing's gonna come out on youtube gonna come out on facebook so get your heads out of your ass is right. Now you're not gonna get info that way. Okay you're going to have to dig and if you do in duct go search. You'll see there's some information that starts to come out okay I was going to do a different podcast. Today in this information broke early this morning. So or late last night rather actually and i just I just found out about it right now. And that's why i'm bringing it to you. President trump telling me has declared the insurrection act okay. He has declared the insurrection. Act and what will happen when he declares the insurrection act is the military essentially will take over the government trump. Of course the commander in chief. What's that he's the head of the military people. If this does go down people will go to jail in a military tribunal folks. They don't fuck around. they go. There have their session. You have your court. you're guilty or innocent normally. If you're in a military tribunal you're not there because you're innocent you're going to be found guilty. And the olden days the punishment for treason as being shot a court martial and being shot. That's what it is back in the old days in the eighteen hundreds they you either hang or get shot that that that's just how it is now. Obviously they'll lock you up in gitmo and different things like that. Guantanamo bay for short or. Get over short for guantanamo bay there. There's a lot of different things going on right now. President trump has not conceded. They said that they might have him over. A barrel and trying to control him. These elite deep state Crooks and peta files and these elitist but it's starting to all come out right now folks. It's starting all come out. The president trump starts to communicate with the american people. It'll be on the emergency broadcast system. That will go out to everybody's cell phone. Okay that will go out to everybody's port odom portable device at least a cell phones and there will be a text message. There will explain. Exactly what's going on okay again. I'm trying to verify all this information. All this information is being suppressed. There's just a couple people here and they're here and there that are slowly coming out with this information. You're not gonna see this in the mainstream media. You're not gonna see this an nbc. Abc cbs or cnn. You're not going to see this information anywhere. But again i have to double and triple verify this information just to make sure that it's accurate

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