2021 Is Just 2020 Prestige Mode

GG Over EZ


One money mr fruit and welcome back to the over easy podcast episode sixty seven. This one's a prime number and we didn't mess it up. Pack checked it in today's episode. We talk about the current bears. In how twenty. Twenty one is off to a great arch as sarcasm we touch on some worldly stuff because some stuff needs to be said is some stuff up for chest then we talk about other things like well not a lot of video games honestly because stuff for slow ri- gave we talked about the holidays. We also talk about bitcoin in our adventures there. And how if we just. If i just known better. Did that eight dollars that your parents gave you. We answer a whole bunch Tuna questions we discuss insert things we talked about here. And that's the as free podcast babies. What you don't love stay tuned get into it Jeremy

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