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Never saw the end to another exciting episode of my name is joey police. Joining tonight was going great friends again as you guys know matthew snotty therapist. It guru extraordinaire matthew. How are you. I'm great joy. How how're you doing. Well doing well and coming for the first time tonight. All the way from dayton ohio. Right still jim. Yeah just outside of dayton yep just outside of dayton ohio my old stomping ground jim kilgore welcoming to the show for the first time. Welcome jim thanks joey. Great to be on appreciate it. Absolutely guys absolutely no hieaux. So so you ever go jim to the To the big air show there. Yeah it's been a few years but yeah it They normally try to have it in the hottest part of the summer. So he's like pretty pretty miserable Yeah but Yeah yeah. I've been a few times in my life. Sure love one time. I get to go in time was was fun. I think i don't even remember what planes were there. But it was loud like you said it was hot. It's either either raining and everything's mud and everybody's hiding underneath the wings of the airplanes or it's rummy five degrees and ninety percent humidity and everybody's standing in the shadow of the wings of the airplanes. Exactly exactly well. I was in the air force for twenty years. So i i really I love aircraft. So anytime i can either get to the air force or go out to the air show. I always try to get. Their gym is a gym is a veteran so on half of my family and i know Probably everyone listening jim. Thank you for your service. Oh it's a pleasure. Here's so i wanted to have you on tonight jim. I know that we have. We have kept up through the years. You and i we have been able just to. I love the texts. Like we'll go weeks without and they're like you'll get the one text from either math. Y'all sent one or jim wilson one and i'm not going to repeat any of them. They're just hysterical that we're just hey sought abacha and wanted to get your fill in the blank and then the quick. How are you good. Leave me alone. And then i called it matthew. I call jim. I think it was last week. Because i wanted to follow up. I had a question or something to jim goes. What are we best friends now. Why are you calling. what twice. In one week. We talked on the phone. Yeah what's up with this. I'm not your best friend. Stop stop bothering me. Yeah good times. Good time i wonder have you in tonight jim. You you bring special skill set to the table which we have not had on the on the podcast yet and that is from a financial advisement standpoint. So you are a financial adviser. You actually have your own podcast which we're going to give a shout out to the listeners. It's called the buckeye finance guy. So if you're listening go on i tunes. You can find it on spotify. You can find it. Pretty much ready podcasts. The buckeye finance guy. And jim is on there. And he's giving. I think it's like what between ten to twelve minutes per but it's little nuggets of financial wisdom little bit. Sure sure. yeah. I i try to keep it under about twenty minutes The average commute. When we used to commute i guess was about twenty minutes and So i wanted to keep the podcast short so that people could listen on their way to or from work or maybe a short break so they can take it all in and not have to come back to it later You know and break it up in the bits and pieces. So i try to focus on one topic Financial topic per week it might be taxes could be. Ira saving for retirement. Any number of things but But yeah so been doing it. I've got about thirty episodes. I think now and i really enjoy. I'm learning a lot learning a lot. Yeah so I focus a lot on the financial planning side of things. Because i'm a certified financial planner and You know so. Investment obviously is part of that but the financial planning aspects of it. What the podcast is really about. Let me ask you this from one. Podcast or to another guessing is not easy as it. Now do you think it is now. You know it's funny. i try to. I try to write a couple of articles a week to publish. And you know it's like you. You sit down and you think okay. I've got a. I've got to come up with something for the podcast this week and it it it can. It can get to the point where you're pulling your hair out to come up with a topic and But yeah it is difficult from a for me from creativity standpoint and coming up with fresh content not sort of thing but i really think The process of recording and all that kind of stuff is is pretty simple from from pinpoint If you don't have to a ton of editing but for me it's coming up at the contact. The most difficult part i think content is content is key. If you don't have anything really worth talking about then it's tough to keep those listeners. We've probably got more hanging on right now for mean who were up to three now. Joey i think we got a new. Hi mom hi dad there they are you know and who wants to listen to total finance nerd. Anyway was and jim edgy.

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