Is it time to fire Cowboys DC coach Mike Nolan?

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All know Mike McCarthy is safe for now. But apparently the Cowboys defensive coordinator. Mike Nolan not so much across to some Rumblings. Okay. Now, this is per the NFL Network. They're getting these rumors. If you will these inside sources saying that you it's not looking good. Now if you're going by just the statistics alone, Mike Nolan's defense has been torched all season if you have eyeballs, you don't need numbers for that. You've seen how fucking embarrassing this Cowboys defense has been off the Cowboys defense ranks last in the NFL in points allowed at 393 393 and rushing yards at 2014 the 6th worse in yard / play at 5.9 and tied for 29th and takeaways at 11 gross. So Mike Nolan not looking good. All the Rumblings they're dead. Suggest that he might not be in Dallas next

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