Interview With Devorah Lev-Tov


I'd ever welcome to the show so great to see you. Hi thank you for having me our pleasure. So let's get started. You've been freelance writing for more than fifteen years to start. Can you tell our listeners. What specific topics you normally cover So i through those fifteen years have covered quite a few things. But these days. I'm focusing on mostly Food drink and travel a few other lifestyle topics thrown in sometimes. So will you be adding any additional topics to your coverage in addition to travel drinks and chaps. That is a really good question. I if you would've asked me last year. I would have said no. You know my my those are my beats. And i love them but we all have to more open so i have actually expanded a little bit. I started writing for a website that that does business coverage business stories and their focus is about how we're all working at home now and what are the best practices for that so i would have never at would write something like that. I also i have always dabbled a little bit in the parenting and family space. So i'm doing a little bit more of that these days. Let's let's joan more into the actual publications that you write for him and there are many from the new york times thrill conde nast traveler travel and leisure and quite a few more than that. So could you explain to our listeners. How you taylor Each of your stories for each of the outlets so for example house the story that you're right from the new york times different than a would write for say thrill list it can be a balancing act at times for sure. And sometimes a story that i think is perfect for a civic outlet. Doesn't take it ends up going to a different one so this is not coated anyway. But of course once i start writing. It's always tailoring to that publications audience in boys so of course the audience for Versus new york times is fairly different. Obviously there's some crossover but drill has. Has you know a very specific boys. It's young. it's fun. It's like talking to your best friend. The insider information that you know all the People are doing these days which i should say his. I'm not that hip. But somehow i meet the people whereas the new york times obviously is more serious a bit more state not to say that there is no place for a little bit of humor in the new york. Times that it's definitely a different audience than a different voice. So i think what. I received pitches for stories from publicists. Sometimes they asked me about a specific publication. Which is fine. And sometimes it's a great idea but i would say most of the time they might wreck suggest publication and isles comeback with well. I'm not sure it's right or the new york times. Which of course everyone wants. You hit the new york times. So i definitely don't blame anyone for requesting that but obviously that's quite hard to do and they're very picky so a lot of times i'll get requests for the new york times and i might come back and say i'm happy to try it but i think it might actually be a better fit for publication. Are you willing to let me try that You know it's always a conversation and during what what works fast. And of course if i pitch it somewhere and they and that doesn't take it. You know that i'm free to pitch it somewhere else. At a lot of times. I will catch the same story to ten different publications before it gets picked up and i just keep refining the pitch each of those publications

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