Estonia's first female PM sworn in as new government takes power


Let's then continue to estonia. That has become the only country in the world with women serving both fest prime minister and president. The country's new government was sworn in earlier today. Officially making connel's the country's first female prime minister the previous government had to resign due to a corruption scandal. God relief cassini policy fellow at the european council on foreign relations wasn't to surprise that estonia goes new female leader. Let's hear what she had to say. Stone years to wherever always has been gender equality. Women have always worked as hard as men things with worried. People have always been such things but the united states men and women rob divide. I mean when i grow up increase of soviet was the big thing and dealing with that men and women were same. So i didn't see. That's a such a big breakthrough but of course i mean normally it is because it hasn't had that sort of thing earlier but i think it happened naturally because many of resumed women on the top of reform party. They are close associates of of kaya colossus. So it wasn't like set thick just because they were. We mean the patriots. Your pirates places. Politics code released mr union herself there denny on what does it tell us about a country if it has a female leader. I take what Qadri leak said there in that clip to heart where she talked about the fact that it's for people in estonia. They met understand a little something about equality or might look at their society where we there is a bit more equality but i think the symbol of having the leader being a woman is very important for any country and for the rest of the world to see. It does mark a step forward. I think calvi say looking at good press from different countries around the world from from new zealand. And beyond what's happened in the united states last week with comma harris. It's an important step. And i think it's it's good especially in this time where i worry about a little bit of backsliding on on equality and things really good Newspaper reports in the global mail in canada over the weekend illustrating What sort of The not the political sphere. But what the business sphere has looked like and and what has changed throughout the pandemic. and the there's really been some backsliding on equality in boardrooms and the c. suite level for businesses across the country. Where it's even more male dominated. So i think in the political sphere is quite important as well to see this and i think it is a step forward. It's it's it's real simple to not only the eu partners but people around the world that especially Miskelly she's a young woman as well so i think that is important for For the country and for the projects that they'll want to work on in the u. It's knowing that estonian. I was to female leader still does change the way you see the country. Can i just say great pronunciation. I take outs from the proximity between estonia and finland. You're probably the only person on the show getting that right The language is very similar. Quick question for you. Marcus to turn on you they are. We can't quite understand each other. Words have different meanings because those two languages separated thousands of years ago. But you can get a clue what i'm reading estonian. Newspapers don't always need many translate sometimes make sense in phoenix too. I mean i mean talking about estonia. I think it's just interesting. Look it's tiny nation of about one point three million people of course paul of the soviet union in the post. I think it will. It will make people turn their heads a little bit and wanted to know About a year. And it's you know it's been a country that perhaps people didn't not about until fairly recently but it's been doing a very interesting things it's oversee really tried to give it up to be open to Entrepreneurship of recent kind of quoting itself. the digital nation and and pioneering. This this thing could e residency which is basically allowing people easy access online. Things like banking and payment processing and taxation. So it's been very forward looking in that regard also in terms of Mobility in public transport. And things like that. So i think this will cement ready the fact that you do now have both the prime minister president who women just really We'll be good for for the. Brian will be good for. So powell will go online but those things i mentioned as well thinking. This is a progressive interesting european nation a. And maybe make people onto no more done not agree with us to this can be a boost. I soft power. You work with our business program the entrepreneurs and it mentioned residency for example. How estonia's trying to attract new talent do think this this indeed. The that's people read news at lies about estonian having to female leaders and they kind of want to know more about that country one hundred percent i think people will be watching this closely and thinking about what it means for their next move or opportunity perhaps a thinking of talon perhaps as a as a new berlin of course you create a welcoming environments and wait to see if people will arrive. I think back actually to a good conversation. I had with the founder of a company called your baticle which is based out of estonia and we had this exact conversation about how sort of a small nation like that can make itself attractive on the world stage for people to come. Obviously you pointed out the e passport there and the potential to to have people on there is it would be very attractive for someone working remotely of course for for perhaps a bigger multinational company based somewhere else For its quality of life. Great capital Close to a lot of other places and it's looking like a very vibrant startup scene. So i think you know you show people that there is a welcoming environment in a social sense. And it can do wonders marcus. I really think until a really help. The country selling itself abroad

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