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Today, but it is extraordinarily unlikely that the president will be perfect for choosing that. Democrats need the support of 17 Republicans to convict Trump, ABC. Rachel Scott. Biden administration's new covert 19 task force held its first briefing task force says it's confident it can turn the US around from its current path of high transmission and high death tolls. One way they say they plan to do that is to up daily vaccinations. CDC director Dr Rochelle Walensky vaccine minister continued to rise to more than $1.6 million per day over the past week, but members of the task force to say that they expected to be months before everyone who wants a shot can get one. They also say it's essential for Congress to pass fund. Thing to complete Biden's plan. Marco Malard ABC News, The new secretary of state, hits the ground running like to a Biden Tony Blinken is first foreign call in office was to his Canadian counterpart Marc Arnaud. That was followed up by calls to the foreign ministers of Mexico, Japan and South Korea, a busy afternoon in his first few hours on the job and the sign of the bite administration's stated focus on repairing US alliances. Battered by Donald Trump's taunts and tweets Counter Finnegan. ABC NEWS Washington Come on, Whose time to 14 traffic every 10 minutes on the boards from the Dubin Long Group Traffic Center. Here's Marina Rock, Inger. Oh, no. We look pretty good today and we have so far and I hope we can keep it that way. It's a beautiful, sunny day. So I'd hate for anything to mess that up.

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