Governor. Cuomo says he'll


Says he'll have a plan by Friday for New York City's restaurants. He says he's talking to officials about how and when. Go back to 25% capacity for indoor dining at city restaurants. To President Biden has signed executive orders and outlined plans to combat climate change, calling it a national security consideration. One order pauses, new oil and gas drilling on public lands. And three. There's new research from the CDC about when it's safe for schools to reopen. Researchers say the coronavirus rarely spent spreads in schools, CBS NEWS Medical contributor Dr David Vegas on what this means 17% of schools down. We're full session in the country, but in those schools when they did it right with masks and so tradition doing there wasn't spread in the school more than the community, even if they're high numbers of cases in the community. That's a big data point. But what was cautioned is when they did indoor sports or gathering indoors or didn't wear masks. There was significant spread, so if you do it right, we can get kids back to school in the short term, which is very optimistic. The research is

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