Apple launches Racial Equity and Justice Initiative webpage

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It looks like all about apple's online services will observe black history month in some way the piece from i'm more highlights today at apple's sessions led by black creatives. We'll discuss their creative practices and where they get inspiration. New world is said by the side to be a program of hands on virtual sessions and step by step tutorials focused on exploring the power of creativity to bring about change the monthly feature curated content featured on apple tv including some essential free content made available to tv users. The app store will feature a black history month hub spotlighting black owned businesses developers entertainment and gaming apps and social justice apps apple music apple music radio and apple music. Tb will highlight black artists across a number of genres apple news deliver curated topic groups. Apple books will elevate books and audiobooks by black authors. Running the range of the dewey decimal system apple podcast will highlight shows from powerful black voices. Even the maps will feature curated guides created in collaboration with eat okra. A black owned business directory app based in brooklyn. That was big. Maybe bigger than what apple is presenting to individual consumers is the call to action. That apple is setting for itself. Macrumors says apple on monday launched a page dedicated to its racial equity and justice initiative. The piece highlights three areas of focus education criminal justice reform and economic equality each of which has some beheadings highlighting work. That needs to be done and work. That apple is doing. According the company's commitment we continue to be reminded that certain uncomfortable truths about our society or ignored silenced and sidelined comfort can no longer come at the expense of change for communities of color as global leaders in technology and business. We have an urgent responsibility to dismantle systemic racism and grow opportunities for people confronting it every day our racial equity and justice initiative as a long term effort to help ensure more positive outcomes for communities of color particularly for the black community where beginning with the one hundred million dollar commitment. Our commitment will endure until there is

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