Transfer Deadline Day: Liverpool sign centre-backs Kabak, Davies



Transfer deadline day but we have to be on says a massive snowstorm at the moment going on in connecticut where our studios are so. We're recording this before the deadline. So who knows what we could be missing guessing not very much don hutchinson stevie nickel on laurent with us. Joe's if the most exciting thing that happens on dateline day is that livable. Get ben davis and ozan caveat. That seems to be yeah. i mean. he's still very exciting. If you're a fan do you see wonder why waiting so long in dc davies back. I guess you know so about from anybody ads and even your right even if your some funds. That won't get you. excited to. Though comeback specialties. A very highly rated young centreback in germany. i shall the turkey international. I think there's something there. Certainly i liverpool so that is a good to make loan with a million fee as alone which is okay then. They've got the option to buy if they want to of eighteen million in the summer they don't have to take. That's not mandatory. So i think this is is a good deal for liverpool see. How is adopting. See what you want to do in the summer for ben davies. He was very good in the championship. Would he be able to make the step to to the primitive with never put. We'll have to see

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