What do we think of the EWG and answers to other questions - episode 250


This is episode two hundred and fifty. I'm your host perry romanowski and with me. Today is just me as just valerie's actually working on some big production Thing at her job and she's not able to join us. But i wanted to get some questions answered for you guys. I went back and looked to some of the questions that were sent in Most recently through We have a spreadsheet We listened in the show notes. You can find out how to ask a question and let's just get to some of beauty product questions now next week when we when valerie's back we'll go through some beauty science news and some other things that we got planned but today. I'm just answering questions. So here they come. I'll get as many in eggs. I can do this. One comes to us from the confused. Consumer she says hi there. I heard your recent discussion on clean beauty. And the myth of natural products set that traditional synthetic products are not safe. I have spent the last two years converting from mainstream to clean products. So i'm definitely confused. Aren't we all The language i have seen from the environmental working group the wg is at many. Synthetic ingredients are potential for synergies. I've heard that sulfates and parents can build up in your blood over time with the use of many products and cause cancer yo. What are you thoughts on this. And what do you think would be the reason why the wg would claim that some ingredients are toxic or harmful. If they weren't well thank you so much for this question. The amount and type of information that's on the internet for consumers certainly is confusing. In fact you know anybody can write anything about any topic and put it on the internet and someone's going to find it and so it's not surprising to me that it's it's leads to a lot of confusion. There's a lot of conflicting information out there. In fact the reason that we started doing the beauty brains was for that very reason. And it's only actually. The situation has only gotten worse so especially with social media and i. I can't believe that people are taking a stuff that they see. You know some teenager put on tiktok in that leads. The lawsuits For brands like theresa may that we talked about last time. but anyway Let's talk about the e. W the environmental working group i they claim to be a consumer advocacy group. And you know. I don't doubt that they certainly believe that they are doing good work in important work and they certainly probably think they're helping consumers unfortunately their methodology is not science based Their first there were no toxicologists that were involved in the initial creation of their skin. Deep database the skinny database. If you don't know is a resource online which presumably you put in an ingredient and it'll kick back out a safety rating whether Dangerous ingredient is based on their arbitrary numbers. Like i said it was. There weren't any toxicologist involved in creating this and still the number of actual scientists involved in the organization is pretty small Looking through their list. I only saw two people who had degrees that i would say are relevant in the subject of chemistry and toxicology which is

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