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Any time The NFL has increased the number of fans who can attend Super Bowl 21. We're determining this weekend. Sunday, right? Who's going to play in the Super Bowl? That we know about Mahomes? I'll tell you what. My home's. Mahomes is looking good. They say he's practically took the majority snaps and practice. He's himself. He's cheering. He's laughing. He knows his name. He just He's acting like himself. Okay. On the other hand, they're going to say that whether it's true or not. That's a good point. Allegedly the concussion protocol is entirely independent of the doctors acknowledged Dr Lee opinion, not a cynical man, not a chance, cynical. Now there's too much money at stake. They're gonna have 22,000 fans at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa for the Super Bowl. 7500 vaccinated healthcare workers are among the total vaccinated. You have to worry about it a lot. Everybody will be wearing a mask. But 22,000 fans forget them all down close. It's about a third capacity and give you a little bit and real noise for that. If you get them all down close, though, than right, especially distance of 6 ft. Away from him. I tell you what, they've been a couple games, particularly the great fans of Kansas City. It sounds like a damn near full stadium. There is so incredibly loud. There were a quarterback says some of the opposition quarterbacks were having trouble getting the signals to the guys. Oh, see, that's interesting. I didn't even know they were pumping the sound into the stadium or the players here that I thought it was just in the mix that was coming to us. Listening

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